Your First Byline

Hey you, you’re in! I’m so happy you’ve decided to join me for the November intake of Your First Byline, the May bunch of students were pretty damn special and I know you will be too. 


Before we get into any of the nitty gritty here’s the boring, but totally necessary bit. 

The course starts on the 22nd October and you can take the course at your own pace. Please join the Facebook group where we will support each other and you will have access to me too.

You’ll get an email from me EVERY MONDAY morning (9am BST) with the weekly course contents. (If you are a VIP student, you’ll also get homework and instructions on how to send them)

I plan to go live once a week, maybe more so do make sure you are part of the Facebook group


I don’t want to be autocratic BUT I find that setting expectations for both of us is super important with ecourses.

Here are mine: 

  • I will show up for you throughout the next five weeks in the Facebook group and over email.
  • I will not be available via any other form of social media (Instagram DM’s for example)
  • Please participate in the group however you feel comfortable to do so. If you are a lurker, that’s 100% okay. If you LOVE posting, that’s great too! Feel free to go live to talk through things and if you want to simply take things in without sharing, no drama. 
  • You get in what you put out….. My past students got bylines in national newspapers and glossies too so have faith you can do the same! 

If you have any technical issues, or would like a refund, please contact

My only expectation of you is that you throw yourself into the course at your own pace, with no judgement of yourself (or others.)

I hope you enjoy it! 

L x