Aka Vlogging.

A name which I love, but one which often inspires pure hatred and a physical cringe. Either way, get on board ‘cos it’s the future. I’ve been wanting to vlog for a while now, but haven’t felt super comfortable in my own skin to do so…especially from a beauty point of view — Pixiwoos, I ain’t — and about travel? I guess, shamefully, I don’t really watch any travel videos on you tube or Vimeo. Is that bad? Yeah, I think it is.

So, what do you do when you want to start doing something new? Yep, you guessed it, just start doing it. Which is exactly what I did last week, taking the opportunity to video¬†stacks of inane footage at World Travel Market. It was an experience, and I’ve already learned what I want to do next time….so the moral of the story is, just do it. Sorry Nike. Whilst poor Oli has to deal with all of the filming and editing of that, he created this little masterpiece of video blogging which you can see in all of it’s technicolor glory right here.

There will be more soon, so if you liked it – please hit the thumbs up on You Tube and let us know if you want to see something in particular in the comments box below.

Lucy and Oli x