Last time I wrote about my menstrual cup, I got a LOT of feedback. Mostly along the lines of: ‘Urgh, GROSS!’ And that came from other cis-women, like me, who have periods each month and use sanitary products but feel icky about it all.

Fair enough. But if that’s you, and you get creeped out by the menstrual chat this is your trigger warning. Please move along now. Although if you clicked on this post (and the very explicit title) I’m surprised it’s taken you this many words to realise what it’s about.

If your name is Google though, this post is all about why I use a menstrual cup, the benefits and why I think it’s the greatest sanitary product since sliced bread. Which isn’t a sanitary product and never has been. Thank goodness……..


Bluntly put, it’s a soft, silicone cup that you insert into your vagina when you have your period that holds your menstrual blood.

It comes in two sizes (depending on your age and whether you’ve give birth or not) and typically, will have a ‘teat’ that you can use to remove when you need to empty it.

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In short, they will change your life.

They’re more convenient:  You don’t have to change one every hour or so, and could leave it in all day if you need to. (I do this as standard, but if you have a heavier flow or on day one or two you might want to change it.)

They are eco-friendly: Whereas tampons, and other sanitary products end up on landfill rotting away, your menstrual cup stays with you for years.

They’re better for you: You know that awful dry feeling you end up with on the last day of your period? Yeah, you don’t get that with a menstrual cup. Because fibres won’t get left behind in your vagina, and there is zero risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

It’s cheaper: Because of the patriarchy, tampons are considered to be a ‘luxury’ so we are taxed on them. I worked out that I’ve spent approximately £784 on sanitary products so far. That’s insane!

Buy your menstrual cup here.


The video explains it better than me, but if you’d rather I told you how to use it here goes…….


There are lots of different brands out there nowadays, but when I bought mine seven years ago there weren’t as many. So when it came to me needing to replace mine (I bought it pre baby and technically should now be a different size) I had my eye on the Organicup.

Luckily for me, they reached out and offered to send me one of their starter kits to trial. That was two periods ago and I’m happy to say I LOVE IT.

It’s so funny because I thought my old menstrual cup was amazing, but using this new one is so much better. You know when you buy a new pair of jeans and realise your old pair were actually really uncomfortable? A bit like that.

The Organicup is super soft and mouldable, and it genuinely feels like I’m not wearing anything — unlike previous cups. I LOVE the fact it’s cruelty-free and hypoallergenic too, because gang — we have GOT to be careful with our bits!

The starter kit I was sent comes with the handy wipes that are great when you’re out and about, although I have to say — I’m not crazy about them being individually wrapped. And you also get an intimate body wash to use on the cup and yourself if you want. Again — I don’t like the fact the packaging and I have a bit of a thing about ‘intimate washes’ although this one is really aimed at the cup, as opposed to telling us we need to wash our vagina’s (which are self-cleaning, FYI, and should NOT be washed with anything bar water.)

Overall, I’d HIGHLY recommend the Organicup. They’ve offered my readers free shipping using the code ‘Wanderluce’ too, so yay! 

Have you ever used a menstrual cup? 

L x

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A few reasons why you should switch to a menstrual cup to make your period eco-friendly! It's great for travel and the world too. Read more vegan and #zerowaste travel tips at lucylucraft.com