It may sound dramatic, but I could spend days at Singapore ’s Changi Airport. Oli could too……

It truly is the best airport in the world, and I’ve thought as much since I had my first criminally short stopover on a flight back to the UK from Australia (45 minutes is just plain cruel!). My love affair hasn’t stopped since and I’ve even enabled Oli too.

It’s regularly been voted the best airport in the world by aviation freeks intelligent types which is no surprise if you’ve visited. But what if you haven’t? You’re probably wondering what all the fuss and histrionics is about, maybe even avoided a long layover there in the past. Sacre Bleu! Read this post and you will never again neglect this heaven on earth known more commonly as Changi.

You Can Explore Every a Terminal!

You know that sinking feeling when you discover there’s no McDonald’s at Terminal 0 of Crappy International Airport? Just me? Once you enter Changi Airport, you can roam freely amongst all 4 terminals regardless of where your flight is leaving from. This is kind of revolutionary, and works because security is at each gate. Say What???? Yep, that’s right, every single gate has its own separate security area making for a pretty stress free experience.

Free Massage!

Well, free massage chairs anyway. They are truly amazing and have a multitude of settings from ‘Sports’ to ‘Relaxing’. After a 16 hour flight, or before one — it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Two Separate FREE Cinemas

I know, it’s kinda ridiculous right? Wrong, it’s what every airport should have. It’s our God given right, surely? Prior to our flight back to the UK in July we watched The Hobbit (snore) and Gravity (not at all snore) and when we landed a few days ago with 4 hours to kill before our Air Asia flight over to Bali we head straight for the big screen. I promptly fell asleep……but it was a damn good sleep.

Side note: Our fave cinema (showing current blockbusters) is in T4, the other one located in T3 has more of a retro vibe.