Hey you! I’ve moved to Brighton and I am SORRYNOTSORRY for all the damn seaside spam. I alluded to this on Instagram a while back and I then wrote a version of this to my newsletter.

But I wanted to share it with you too, because I’m finally HERE and the long, hot summer is upon us. Which means it’s time for me to quit my job. 

What happened? 

Some of you might know that I’ve bought a house down in Brighton. It’s all crazy exciting but super hectic and scary too. I’ve lived in London my entire adult life, I met my husband here, my dad died here and my baby was born here. So there’s a whole heap of emotion tied up with my London love affair.

And some silly feelings too: FOMO, not having my best friend round the corner, missing out on those casual meetups with friends because yes, Brighton is close to London, but I’m going to have to navigate the train as well as my baby! 

BUT it’s the right decision and overall I know I won’t care about any of these things once I’m settled.

What about my job? 

Hmmmmm, yes. As is my way, I announced I was gonna give up work when I moved to Brighton on Instagram Stories because that’s where my crew is, it’s where I chat away as if you are all in my living room with me and where I feel most comfortable getting vulnerable, I guess.

I got a lot of questions afterward, and I totally understand why. It feels as though I’m changing lots of stuff and I guess it’s also, in part, due to the fact it’s never really clear what ‘my job’ actually is. At least in the way we typically refer to a job, which is to say the thing you do to pay the bills.

What is my job?!?

I’m a journalist. That’s my bread and butter and makes up the biggest chunk of my income. It’s what I ‘identify as’ and, honestly, where I get the most kudos, too. Which is icky to say, but I trust you.

My income has swung recently to me earning through more passive streams – through affiliate marketing and my SEO course. While I earn money from my blog, too and indirect income through my podcast — I consider them to be more ‘passion projects’ for now.

So what are you quitting you HUGE drama queen?

Well, the podcast comes to a natural hiatus in May/June which is when I’ll stop for a few months. I’ll also reduce the amount of sponsored content/brand collaborations I’ll be doing on my blog and social media. 

But the biggest chunk is this: I won’t be chasing commissions AT ALL. Literally none. If an editor comes to me with something, I guess it’ll be a case by case thing. But my job will be mum, then podcaster/blogger.

And OBVIOUSLY, I will always be here for you guys. 

What do you think? If you made it to the end, please do reply and say hello. I love chatting to you guys 🙂

L x