I wanna tell you a story. It’s kind of embarrassing so bear with me…..

Last week you may have noticed how many people on Instagram Stories were sharing templates. Amazing, creative, cool templates that seemingly came out of nowhere (as all good crazes do) and swept our Stories.

Cats or Dogs? My Instagram Origin Story! That kind of thing. You know the drill. They were fun to do, fun to read and seemed to be a super cool way to do something different on a saturated platform.

They annoyed me. I swiped right to no avail as there was seemingly nobody I followed who wasn’t fillling one of these damn things out. And then tagging others to do the same. Now, I’m a huge contrarian so I HATE anything where people tag me in stuff because it repels my inner rebel and makes me want to scream: ‘NOPE. I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING’ 

I’m quite childish like that.


BUT then one of my favourite humans, Dom, started doing them…..and I thought, okay – I’m into this. Then I heard the story of the girl who went from 14k to 400k in a week because of her templates. And I though….hmmmm I want to be that girl.

WHO EVEN AM I? Yes. I am ashamed to tell you that I wanted a piece of that pie. I ignored every instinct in my body, and created some templates too. I uploaded them and eagerly awaited my millions of followers to roll in (I mean, I’d like to tell you this thought was a sarcastic one but it was not…..facepalm.)

What happened? CRICKETS. Why? Because it wasn’t the right thing to do! I wasn’t being true to myself, true to my ‘brand’ and, more importantly, I knew that — so I didn’t even promote it properly. I wanted a shortcut to a number that isn’t even part of my business strategy!

I preach about why you need to know WHY you want the numbers you do in my SEO course, and this is the chapter I get the most positive feedback about. People think it’s a game-changer, and I understand why because it was a game changer for me too.

So what happened to me?! Why did I lose my head?

I wanted to be the FIRST at something.  

Flashback to a few weeks ago when we all jumped on Vero, using the hashtag #onVerofirst; that felt the same to me. I wanted to be the first. I wanted to rewrite my terrible, oversaturated, overfiltered Instagram history and be an early adopter. A success story.

If you arem’t cringing into your brew right now, I judge you. I am cringing so hard right now it’s surprisingly hard to type…..

Anyway. Someone snapped me out of this. 

I asked Barb to fill out my templates and she said no, because she hated them. ‘They are making Stories so boring!’ she said. Hold up, isn’t that what I thought before i lost my head too? OH YES, IT IS. 

And that’s when I realised something. I don’t have to be the first at anything. I already am the first and so are you. We are all the first at being US. There’s no roadmap, or blueprint to each person’s individual success and none of us have to follow anyone else. Equally we don’t have to do every single thing differently! If you wanna do a course, or follow a blueprint you’ve seen work for others — that is TOTALLY OKAY. Because you are still doing it as you, so it is still totally unique. 

Revolutionary, I know.

But I think it need to be said because I am seeing a real trope of every single part of the internet being taken over by RULES. ‘I love my little corner of the internet because I do what I want’, except I don’t because I use a mobile responsive WordPress theme so Google doesn’t hate me,  I always pin horizontal images so Pinterest likes me and I NEVER film more than three talking to the camera videos in a row on Stories. 


Who created these rules???? And why are we beholden to them? (Except for you Google, I love you and will do everything you tell me to……)

Pin this for later:

Eating my words 

This is where I tell you that of course, I follow lots of rules. Some self-imposed and some Google-imposed and I’m okay with that. Especially in the areas of my business that pay my mortgage. 

But I’m making some energetic boundaries  (what is that phrase Being Boss?! I don’t understand it but it works well in this sentence…..) when it comes to the areas of my business that are priority to me and the areas that aren’t.

Instagram is a priority. It’s where my tribe are, and what fills my cup. Facebook is not. My podcast is but my blog can be a little more passive. 

PHEW. That was tough. How are you feeling about being the first ever you? 

L x