S01 Episode 21: Meeting the Instagram Queen Sara Tasker

Welcome to EPISODE 21 aka the SEASON FINALE! That's very American indeed. Sorry. This week I chat to the amazing Sara Tasker, aka Me & Orla all about Instagram, Wordpress hacks and building a loyal tribe online.


If you follow me anywhere at all you'll know I adore Sara Tasker. She is an incredible writer, brilliant Instagrammer and a hugely generous human being to boot. Her beautiful lifestyle blog is just that, bloody beautiful, and what she doesn't know about Instagram isn't worth knowing.

I did her Instaretreat course earlier this year and totally credit her with transforming my views on how Instagram can interact seamlessly with your business. Far from making me a slave to it, I've found a happy medium where I post for the joy of it while understanding how it can drive sales/traffic too....because it really can. More than anything, Sara helped me find my tribe which is something I want for everyone!

We chatted about Wordpress hacks, blogging and, of course, about Instagram.


Sara's courses > http://meandorla.co.uk/courses/

Sara's podcast > http://meandorla.co.uk/category/podcast/

Where you can find Sara >>

Her Blog: http://meandorla.co.uk/blog/

Twitter: @meandorla

Instagram: @me_and_orla

L x

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