S01 Episode 20: Instagram & Imitation with Sarah Louise Ferguson

Welcome to EPISODE 20. In the almost penultimate episode, I chat to Sarah Louise Ferguson (I think she just goes by Sarah Ferguson but I like the added Louise!) who runs the beautiful lifestyle blog Brass Buttons & Confidence and even more beautiful Instagram.

I've been following Sarah for most of this year and while she has always had a beautiful photography style and gorgeous Instagram feed, she's skyrocketed in the past few months as she found her Insta-style and mojo. Her images went from being dreamy, moody lifestyle shots to otherworldly, magical images created with love using Photoshop.

We had a really honest chat about comparison, imitation and the line between that and copying and what it's like to have a huge influx of Instagram followers.

If you've been struggling with Instagram insecurity, this one is 100% for you :)


Where you can find Sarah >>

Her Blog: http://www.brassbuttonsandconfidence.com

Twitter: @Brass_ButtonsC

Instagram: @sarah_louise_ferg

Facebook: @brassbuttonsandconfidence

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