S01 Episode 16: Starting a Blog, Minimalism and Avoiding Comparison with Jessica Rose Williams

Welcome to EPISODE 16. These past few weeks have seen me burnout, want to give up before starting afresh with a new, kick ass plan. Thanks to lots of people (including myself!) but also thanks to Jessica. When I recorded this episode I was feeling really low, overwhelmed and lost. I struck up an Insta-friendship with Jessica who, perhaps without even realising, transformed me.

Anyway, all that's to say this is a great episode and one that's a little bit close to my heart! Hope you love it, and if you do: PLEASE leave a review on iTunes. It helps other people find the podcast and stops my ego from shrivelling up and dying ;)


Jessica is a minimalist lifestyle blogger and coach living in Sheffield, and despite only starting her blog a few short months ago (her blog is the same age as my baby!) she’s garnering big numbers and fab engagement, due in no small part to her authentic presence and quality content. 

We chatted about minimalism, and the myths that surround it, why and how she finally started her blog and why content will always be king. 

If you’re thinking about starting a blog but you feel completely overwhelmed -- this one’s for you.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. Do let me know by commenting on this post, emailing or Tweeting me or messaging me on Instagram.


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