Welcome to episode TEN of What She Said!

Sam Sparrow is my actual real life friend. So this is one of those awesome chats where we are literally sat in my living room, with tea and custard tarts just having a good natter. These are my FAVOURITE chats…..hence why everyone I invite on the show is someone I know I’m gonna have a laugh with.


Anyway, back to Sam. Sam is a BABE….an actual unicorn and I love her. Without Sam this podcast wouldn’t exist and she is someone who I speak to near-daily for support, lols and gossip. I’m a big fan as you can probably tell.

Sam’s an interesting one: an old-hat blogger in many ways, she started out way back when and has changed focus fairly recently from co-managing the super popular Unsorry Magazine & podcast (on indefinite hiatus) with best-mate Lea Rice to creating her travel blog As The Sparrow Flies.

We chat about Pinterest and why this is such a traffic booster for your blog, why it’s important not to get too bogged down in the social media platforms you don’t like and how to network when you don’t like people!

If you’ve been struggling with Pinterest, or are a little scared to break into a new niche — this one’s for you!



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