What She Said Podcast Episode 19: Creating Video Content with Emma Ross

What She Said Podcast Episode 19: Creating Video Content with Emma Ross

Welcome to EPISODE 19. This week I chat to the dreamy Emma, of family lifestyle blog Mamalina all about her blogging journey to date. I’ve followed Emma for a wee while since a mutual friend introduced me to her beautiful, hippy musings and super fun YouTube channel and it was pretty awesome to get to speak to her on the phone.


Emma works for Google (specifically YouTube) so her journey started there and the blogging came afterward. Her blog is full of parenting advice (that doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter usual!) and everyday musings about trying to reduce waste or go vegan.

She also has a great, fortnightly newsletter, which I would really encourage you to join (if only to see how you can do newsletters without being boring!) and has a great attitude when it comes to working in flow.

For all of you non-techy types, who hate being tied to doing things the way people tell you that you ‘should’ — Emma is a true inspiration and this episode is for you!



Emma’s Waterbirth Video

Emma’s ‘No Poo’ Video

The Jess Lively Podcast 

Where you can find Emma >>

Her Blog: http://www.mamalina.co

Twitter: @mamalinauk

Instagram: @mamalinauk

Facebook: @mamalinauk

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoXztpqX3No1Y6xuKlX1Iw

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