Welcome to EPISODE 18. I am SO excited to share this episode with you because OMG Rhianna Bowe is such a blogging powerhouse.


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An award-winning lifestyle blogger with one of the most beautiful Instagram feeds around, she manages to smash blogging, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube while holding down a full-time job! She’s also crazy generous with her knowledge, which is plentiful.

Not only does Rhianna have some amazing tips for Instagram, we also chatted about her blogging journey, recent migration from Robowecop to Rhianna Olivia AND we have a chunky, super useful chat about how Google Analytics can help you and your blog.

I also share my own ignorance so it was a good bit of clarification for me!

If you are baffled by Google Analytics and what metrics/stats to use in your media kit etc — this one is the episode for you.



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Rhianna’s Instagram post

Rhianna’s Google Analytics post

My Google Analytics post

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Where you can find Rhianna >>

Her Blog: https://www.rhiannaolivia.com

Twitter: @rhiannaoliviab

Instagram: @rhiannaoliviab

Facebook: @rhiannaoliviab

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/robowecop

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