Welcome to episode FIFTEEN of the podcast. Where I finally manage to record a podcast which I don’t have to heavily edit myself out. It’s a definite art form, this podcasting lark. While I am LOVING learning a new skill, I’m finding listening to myself painful at times (why am I so airy-fairy?!)

Anyway, on with this weeks episode.


what she said podcast - kayte ferris

Kayte is, hands down, one of the most laser focused people I’ve ever met. In a good way!! A blogger, and marketing specialist, she decided she was sick of her day job and managed to quit six months later!

Fact: When I asked people on Instagram if they had any good ideas for future guests, she suggested herself. Which I LOVED! More people do this please!!

She has the most beautiful Instagram feed, and her simple lifestyle blog Simple and Season is packed to the brim with slow living inspo and practical tips for creatives. We had a great, super honest chat about cutting loose blogs that aren’t working, cultivating community and starting with the end in mind.

If you want to learn how to sell without feeling gross or need a boost of focus and creativity this ones for you!


Kayte’s coaching packages
Kayte’s Community Building eBook

Where you can find Kayte
Her Blog: http://www.simpleandseason.com
Her freelance website: http://www.simpleandseason.com/marketing-services/
Twitter: @simple_season
Instagram: @simpleandseason

Where you can find ME!!
My blog: https://lucylucraft.com
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook: @wanderluceblog

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