What She Said Podcast Episode 12: The Power of Facebook & Getting Published with Elle Croft

So, I’ve realised I have a potty mouth. It’s terrible! I’m actually going to stop swearing as much so I can have an episode rated CLEAN, which I haven’t managed since the episode with Monica. Facepalm.

My wonderful guest this week is Elle Croft of ElleCroft.com. Elle is a blogger, social media expert and a PUBLISHED writer — yep, she wrote a BOOK. She is also one of my favourite writers and human beings in general.


We chatted about why it’s important to look beyond the numbers, the power of Facebook and Elle shares some amazing tips on how to utilise it to promote your blog to a huge audience. We ponder the disappearance of Google+, admit our social media fails and talk about how blogging helped Elle get published.

I remember finally getting to meet her a year or so back after an age of reading her beautiful lifestyle blog and being a bit star-struck.

If you want to understand why Facebook is such a powerful place to promote your blog, or want to understand the inner workings of getting a book published this is the episode for you.



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Where you can find Elle

HER BOOK!!! Pre order NOW 

Her Blog: http://www.ellecroft.com

Her Freelance Website: http://www.croftsocial.com

Twitter: @elle_croft

Instagram: @elle_croft

Facebook: /ellecroft



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