or….why I haven’t posted in over a month

Short answer: I’ve been busy with freelancing work.
Long answer: The former answer is an excuse and I have basically had writers block.

When I started this blog 18 months ago, I guess I didn’t really expect to have kept it up so long. I certainly didn’t predict that my little ole’ blog would lead me to a whole new career, one that isn’t easily defined or explained to others.

But it has and with that comes new territory. Namely; writers block, people asking me inane questions about my job, juggling work/life priorities and trying to find a balance.

I’m not complaining, although actually, yeah I guess I kind of am. That’s okay – everyone deserves a little rant sometimes. This rant will serve as a nice bit of catharsis for me, and an explanation of why the fudge I haven’t written a single iota for a month.

Choosing Sunsets over Writing

Choosing Sunsets over Writing

1) I’ve got a few new jobs, two full-time and various freelance gigs.

2) On my day off, I’ve been enjoying Koh Tao.

3) I have been struggling to write new content. Probably because I’ve only seen two islands in the past three months.

4) I’m struggling to see he point of chugging away at my tiny weeny blog when it refuses to grow.

5) I hate self-promotion!

I am aiming to get back on the horse though, and hoping this small post will kick start me into action.

Is there anything you’d like to see on the blog? More beauty? Overshares? Comment away and let me know.

L x

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