What Do Travel Bloggers Actually Do?

What Do Travel Bloggers Actually Do?

Good question. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what travel bloggers do myself, but I will do my best to fill you in on the mysteries that surround this new age profession.

First and foremost, naturally, travel bloggers travel, and then they blog about it…..that pretty much covers the bulk of the job. But alongside the obvious, there is a secret underworld of social media strategising and networking that I never knew about….and the cherry on the top of this delicious networking layer cake, is the Travel Blogging Conference, where travel bloggers from around the world unite, network, photograph everything that gets in their way and get seriously, seriously drunk.

Back in October I went to TBEX, one of the largest travel blogging conferences around. There are a couple of them each year, one in Europe and one typically held in the Americas. This years Europe offering was Athens, and I was lucky enough to be perked tickets by Travel Blog Success.

I had no idea what to expect, which was a good thing because the experience totally exceeded my expectations. I met some amazing people, learned some new things and man, did I party……travel bloggers are completely debauched. Who knew?!

A couple of weeks later, I went to World Travel Market which happily, was held in London …..Maria, of MaryHop.com joined Oli and I and we hit the conference with gusto. Sadly, it was quite different to TBEX & to be honest, I didn’t get a lot out of it, but it’s good to go, get your name out there and get some experience practicing your ‘elevator pitch’.

There you go, that’s what travel bloggers do. Well, when they go to conferences anyway. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a travel blog — in which case you should read my guide — or have started one recently and are ready to take it to the next step…..or maybe you’re just plain curious. Either way, read on and I’ll tell you my top tips.

Bring Business Cards

travel bloggers kit

The Travel Blogers kit….inc. business cards:)

And loads of them. I gave all of mine away, and brought back even more……Moo do great ones, and most people I met had them, but if you are very lucky, like us, your good friends will print them for you:)

Don’t be Shy, Talk to People

Off to Athens, travel bloggers conference

Off to Athens

It’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive when you meet new people & honestly, I did feel kind of scared heading into seminars or parties by myself, especially when it seems like everyone knows everyone else and you are the only one who doesn’t….I kind of felt a bit like I was back at school. But then you meet someone, and they introduce you to someone and you are suddenly part of your own little support group:) I was lucky enough to meet Jenna, Christina, Jess & Maria early on so had a happy little clique.

Ask Questions

Christina, Jess and I taking snaps on our last lunch

Christina, Jess and I taking snaps on our last lunch

You know what it’s like, you want to ask a question and have it bubbling away in your stomach but can’t quite pluck up the courage to stand up in front of everyone and talk (into a microphone!)…….so sit back, wait for someone else to ask it (because they obviously will right?). Don’t be that person…..just be brave, ask the question and I promise that you will feel empowered. It’s a great way for you to get your name out there too, and people will often remember you too.

Try and stay a little healthy!

Ahhhhh all the food.....

Ahhhhh all the food…..

There was a party every night, so the days were often spent fuelling up on sugary treats and stacks of caffeine….and I’ll be honest, not much water. I ate like a beast, and felt pretty crappy afterwards so next time, I’m definitely packing a few healthy snacks and a giant bottle of water to get me through next time.

What do you think? Is this what you expected? Don’t be shy, comment away!

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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