I Only Have 2 Pages Left in My Passport….

And other Traveller Woes.

Alternative title: Life isn’t All Sunsets & Shitting Rainbows.

Apologies for the slightly evasive alternative title. It’s just that since my friend Lesley said it to me a few weeks ago, it has totally stuck in my mind as the epitome of how every traveller feels at one point or another.

Koh Tao rock sunset thailand

Koh Tao rock sunset

This isn’t a grumpy, ‘woe is me’ post. You know that type. ‘Ahhhh my diamond shoes squeeze and I have a champagne headache’ post. It’s just an honest ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ summation of what’s going on for me, right now.

FYI Lesley is a New Yorker, so she totally gets away with saying ‘yeah, it’s not all sh@@tting rainbows and sunsets’.

Sometimes, you want to buy some moisturiser that doesn’t have whitening properties……but you can’t. Actually, that goes for almost all Asian toiletries, inc. deodorant.

It’s pretty grim to constantly be sweaty….and I’m almost certain I always smell a little bad.

Wine is beyond terrible in most Asian countries. Cambodia and Laos are the exception, as I imagine is the case in Vietnam too. Thank the French invasion for that.

Bread & Cheese…..see above.

Sri Lanka, Waiting for the train to Galle

Sri Lanka, Waiting for the train to Galle

Nothing compares to London …..and I genuinely feel envious of my friends Instagram feeds filled with fun in the bustling city. To that end, city living in general has eluded me for so long that I miss the bustle and rudeness and general overpriced nonsense!

Whenever I see a picture of my family, in particular, my nephew – I feel homesick. The lifestyle I’ve chosen has it’s downfalls, and this is the biggest. Friends & family don’t always remember time differences or important dates…I guess it’s a little case of out of sight, out of mind.

Starting a new life isn’t easy. The things I took for granted previously, I never will again. Making friends, ones who you can trust, laugh and overshare with, are not a dime a dozen.

WINE! in Cambodia

WINE! in Cambodia

Sometimes, you nearly run out of space in your passport and immigration use a perfectly clean blank page for one stupid teeny weeny stamp. Thanks Butterworth, Malaysia. That page could have been used for a whole Indian visa. This is particularly annoying because we were hoping to go to India in November and have just read that you need 2 whole, clean pages in your passport for the full page entry visa, and a page for all the stamps.  This means that I will have to smile sweetly, clench by butt-cheeks and pray to Lucifer that I don’t get a mean immigration officer on the next 3 visits I will have to make before November.

Here’s hoping 🙂

There are, of course, considerable highs and most of the time – I love my life. I’m genuinely grateful that not only can I do what I love every damn day….and get paid for it…..but that I have a (mush alert) partner in crime to do it with.

Off to Athens, travel bloggers conference

Highs! Off to Athens

I read a post recently, by the amazingly honest and funny Young Adventuress, where she shared some lows and I have to say – this cheered me up. Not because I revelled in her misery, but because I felt less brattish about mine. Is that terrible? Oh well, maybe. But WTF – this is my website and I can post grumpy sh@t if I want to.

So there you have it. Sometimes there are lows, and those lows suck balls: but I’d still rather be ‘not sh@@ting rainbows’ out here than anywhere else.

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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