What’s Inside My Travel Toiletry & Makeup Bag?

What’s Inside My Travel Toiletry & Makeup Bag?

I love writing these posts as much as I love reading other people’s. There’s something really satisfying in being allowed access to see the contents of someone’s bag, be it handbag, clutch or in my case – makeup & beauty bag. Is that a toiletry bag? I dunno. I have 3 of ’em anyway.

As a self confessed #badpacker, the downsizing challenge I’d set myself, namely, to fit 2 months worth of ‘stuff’ into my new, 50% smaller 35L Karrimor Rucksack was daunting to say the least.

I actually brought more clothes with me, as I packed poorly on that front last time and having a snorkel and DSLR camera with me this time around left only one thing to brutally cut. Yep, my beloved Beauty Products. As a beauty junkie and beauty blogger, I have insane amounts of product and being without them is a pretty grim thought. Besides which, I still need to update my beauty blog while I’m away so having zero products is kinda unthinkable.

Time for some creative packing.

I have been gathering miniatures, sample sizes and travel friendly loot since getting back to London full time in October. Laying it all out on my bed I realised I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised I had more than enough choice, creativity and let’s face it ‘fun new stuff’ to see my through. That, coupled with my amazing Mum’s artful knack at filling my stocking with super useful stuff at Christmas (yes I still get a stocking at 31) and I was all set to start the first draft of a packing list. I’m a very typical Virgo. Lists are my crack.

The Final Cut

Or what I actually wanted to call this next bit: The Directors Cut. Cue manic laughter at my cerebral and highly topical lols.


Travelling Haircare Routine

Travelling Haircare Routine

I’ve actually upscaled on the hair front, as last time my poor, thick, curly hair was left in a state after so much sun & sea. I also forgot to bring my tangle teezer. Don’t ask…….The two main things I’ve added her are to bring a leave in conditioner as well as some Argan oil. I’ve also switched up a standard conditioner for Aussies 3 minute miracle for a big moisture injection.


Mini Kiehls Amino Acid (Coconut scented!) Shampoo (Thanks to Woodjee & Donut)
Lush Solid Shampoo x 2

Lush Solis Shampoo Travel Essential

Lush Solis Shampoo

Aussie Beach Mate 3 Min Miracle
Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave-In Conditioner
OGX Argan Oil
Tangle Teezer


Suncream, travel beauty

Suncream, travel beauty….so sorry for how unelievably grim my Lush Sunblock looks!

Nothing much has changed here, although one addition is my Lush Solid Sunblock which is a dream as you shower it on. I have 2 30ml face SPF’s and a P20 which will go a lot further than a standard lotion SPF.

Lush Solid Sunblock x 2
Dior Face SPF 50
Shiseido Face SPF 10 – this is THE best SPF ever. Fact.
SKN Aloe Aftersun
Lush Soap
Schick Razor because I wimped out on bringing my epilator! (This is a U.S brand that isn’t available in the UK but it is here in Koh Tao.)


Skincare Travel Essentials

Skincare Travel Essentials

I haven’t downsized here, however I’ve packed smarter and have less on the liquid front. I have face wipes for the morning (don’t gasp, they are nice organic ones!) and I couldn’t be without my Rodial Glamtox Balm. A cheeky little addition in the form of 3 face mask sachets (Thanks Mum!) has already proved a success in perking up my jet lagged skin and I’ve switched my usual nighttime oil for a sensible Aloe Protective Serum from The Body Shop which will soothe any sun parched skin.

Organic Allergen Free Face Wipes (I know, sacrilege!) not pictured
Rodial Glamtox Balm (this little miniature of my fave balm is incredible)
3 Face Mask Sachets (bit of a luxury but it’s nice to have a bit of pampering sometimes and these take up no space at all)
Body Shop Aloe Protection Serum
Clinique All About Eyes Serum (this is super cooling, and lovely when it’s hot hotty hot!)


The Beauty Bounty

The Beauty Bounty

This category is where I’ve cut the most stuff from. Instead of seperate blush/highlighter and bronzer which I brought last time (I know, it is ridiculous) I plumped for my amazing Sleek Face Form contour palette which has all 3 in one slimline package. I’ve brought 1 lipgloss and 1 lipstick both of which are running close to empty so can be chucked en route and I’ve only brought 1 Black eyeliner plus my Rimmel bronzer shadow stick which again, is running low and can be thrown soon.

The only tricky area is my base. As you probably know, my skin is my problem area and has been particularly painful recently so ideally I would have liked to bring some foundation/tinted moisturiser to match both shades I’ll be sporting — pasty (now) and bronze goddess (errrrm soon hopefully?). However I was ruthless and brought my Clinique Even Better foundation (which is great for acne prone skin as it’s oil free) and will be going bare until I make it to that shade. I’m super happy I did this, as I’m already seeing the benefits of going makeup free plus to be honest, I never look in a mirror anyway. Same situation for my concealer.

Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15
MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer
Sleek Face Form Contouring Palette
Miniature Clinique High Impact Mascara – thanks be to God for Bonus Time miniatures.
Make Up Forever Black Eyeliner
Rimmel Bronze Shadow Stick
NYX Nude Lipgloss
MAC Costa Chic Lipstick
Barry M Pink Lipliner


My wonderful angel of a sister who is a professional beauty therapist gave me a bounty of Essie nail varnishes for Christmas so I brought one of those, and some quickie remover wipes. Obviously I couldn’t bring anything considered dangerous (scissors, nail clippers etc) but I brought some cheapo tweezers which I can chuck if needs be. I also brought some teeny weeny nail files (courtesy of me Mam, Grangela) and finally, I would the leave the house without my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. And no, it’s not fragrance free cos I’m a freak and freaking love the smell.

What do you take with you on holiday?

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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