Travel Packing: What to Pack for a STYLISH City Break in Paris (with a baby!)

I honestly LOVE writing packing list posts, and I know that y’all love them too so I am endeavouring to write more of them and more creatively too. I’m even thinking about recording some video content around packing…..eeek. 

Anyway, back to packing. Packing became really interesting when I had a baby. I used to be the ultimate minimalist packer, and even travelled the WORLD for over two years with a 30 litre backpack. But having a tiny baby means that, for the most part, you really can’t downsize like before. 

Well, I couldn’t anyway,

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The main issue with any packing list is weather. And I find that this is never more annoying than in shoulder seasons in Europe. Hello autumn in Paris. Obviously I always check the weather, but taking waterproof clothing isn’t always as multi-taskable (not a word) as you’d like it to be. What you need is some hard-working pieces you can mix and match to your hearts content. 

But I also had to factor in a few fiddly baby bits, and use the dreaded ‘just in case’……..because if Anais poops though all her clothes (and this could happen) I don’t wanna buy her a whole new wardrobe. 

So here’s what we took with us,

If you’d like to have this list as a nice printable, click here and download one for yourself.

What to Pack for a STYLISH City Break in Paris

Europe Winter packing list - sequin t shirt

Europe Winter packing list – sequin t shirt

I always pack a couple of pairs of black supersoft leggings. I’ve also been living in my leather look leggings/disco pants too. They are perfect for jazzing up a simple outfit and are, essentially, just leggings.

For anywhere less than super hot weather, you need layers. So I tend to go mad on then! And because I have a muted, strict colour palette everything always coordinates easily.

I recently found this amazing dusky pink simple t-shirt with sequin embellishment and I LOVE it! I wear it with jeans and trainers sometimes, or with my black disco pants, denim shirt and either pumps/trainers or ankle boots. It’s so hard working!

I took my brand new black leather jacket with a detachable fur collar. SO dreamy and it goes with everything.  

I also brought my stripy cashmere jumper (a bargain from ASOS White) and my new Chenille jumper from River Island, which was super warm, but felt a little dressy too. 

I took a pair of black trainers, and some brogues too. 

The only thing I don’t skimp on is with accessories. When you have a minimal selection of clothes, you need some bits and bobs to make an outfit feel different and special. This is totally destination and activity dependant I guess, but I rarely take accessories and find I haven’t used them.

Because it can be COLD with a capital C in Europe at winter, take gloves, scarf and a hat. You won’t regret it.

In terms of bags, I always take a roomy cross body number (either my satchel, or black shopper with longer handle attached) for the daytime — otherwise I end up having my DSLR constantly out and on show. Then I take a smaller bag for evenings.

I take various bits of jewellery (earrings, a necklace or two and a brooch) to jazz things up. And, obviously, gloves a hat and my big snuggly tartan scarf.

In terms of tech bits and pieces, I’m pretty minimal these days. 

Since switching to my Olympus Pen mirrorless camera, I’ve revelled in how flipping light my tech bits are! I was on a family holiday, with no sponsored stuff so I only took my Huawei P9 phone and chargers too.

Since my skin cleared up post-partum I’ve been able to cut my beauty bits down to a few miniature pieces, and I honestly only need five pieces.


  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Red Lipstick
  5. Lipbalm

And now for the big guns. What Anaïs needed……

Okay so here goes. 


  1. Sleepsuits x 2 
  2. Leggins x 2 
  3. Tights x 1
  4. Top x 2
  5. Hoody x 1 
  6. Socks x 5


  1. Fornessi Wrap
  2. Ella’s Kitchen Pouches (plus, she munched on baguettes a LOT!)
  3. Calpol, Bonjela, Dummies
  4. Muslins x 2, Comforter & Little toy.

L x

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  1. 2nd January 2018 / 6:04 am

    Exceptionally fascinating post! I am going to have my first traveling out to Paris one month from now and I am contemplating what and how to pack. Your tips are extremely useful. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

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