I am a packing aficionado, okay? Or not. I mean, I definitely make mistakes when I pack — often. But I LOVE trying to pack that trip perfect case, and Imma die tryin’.

It’s funny how many of my friends, and people I meet on my travels that don’t consider themselves packing experts. Or even care if they are, to be honest. But many more people eschew the ambivalent over or under packers and bemoan their lack of finesse.

So, for those darlings I have a few tips to help you pack the best suitcase/backpack/carpet bag of your LIFE.

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This is my favourite part, because I am a VERY typical virgo and I love researching and writing lists. For any trip, you need to get a little plan in action so you don’t end up over, under or mis-packing.

Typically I start by just asking myself a few questions about my trip: am I going to be active? What’s the weather like? That kind of thing. I ask them out loud, by the way, regardless of who is around. And sometimes I sing them but how you choose to get to the bottom of your questions is up to you.

Before you start thinking about what you are going to take, you should have a clear idea of what genre of things you need to take. You can then get down and dirty with your wardrobe, writing a list of potential things to take as you go.

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Okay, so you have your list of potential vacation bits and now you need to try everything on. EVERYTHING. Try it all on and make a note of what outfit you’ll wear each day — you don’t necessarily have to stick to this when you’re away but it really helps to have an idea of what you’re gonna take in this format.

If there are any rogue items that don’t work with any of your other clothes it’ll be obvious really quickly.

Before you start packing, you should have a list of outfits by day, toiletries, tech etc. If you need help with this, download my handy printable PDF here.

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In my opinion, whether you roll (my preference) or fold, you should always have packing cubes. They work to save space, and keep things nice and neat regardless of the type of case you are travelling with. The ones I use are from Muji, but you can pick some up cheaply anywhere (try these packing cubes from Amazon).

In terms of the type of luggage you take, I rarely travel without my Karrimor 40 litre. It’s so hardy, and I picked it up for about £25 in the sale (this one is similar, but better!) I only travel carry on, so whatever I take has to fit in the overhead lockers and this one works for every airline — even Ryanair! But if you prefer a wheelie, or holdall or whatever — the above rules all apply regardless.

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I recommend always travelling with a spare set of clothes for when you land. Pack them somewhere you can access them easily.

I also recommend taking a few miniatures in my handbag — toothbrush, deodorant and lipbalm at the very minimum.

Take a blanket scarf on the plane, whether you’re off to a hot country or not. And maybe some socks too, if you are like me and have revoltingly cold feet at all times.

Your airport outfit should be comfy, but stylish if you want the option of a potential upgrade (rare, but possible!) No airline will upgrade you in flip flops and elephant pants, so make an effort. Just a little bit. If you need a little guidance on what to wear on your flight, have a look here. I’m a HUGE fan of leggings full stop, so they often make an appearance on the plane too.

Moisturise like you mean it. Don’t worry about faffing with masks and stuff unless you are that way inclined (I am) but just make sure you take a decent oil, serum or your normal moisturiser and slather away.

Et voila. 

L x

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