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First off, I’m a heinous over-packer when it comes to my travel makeup. I have zero restraint….so please don’t judge me, and bear this in mind as you dear reader will, no doubt, will be a normal human being with less of a ridiculously packed travel makeup bag than I.

Needless to say, deciding what makeup to take on a 6 month holiday is tricky. I’ll potentially need about 6 different shades of foundation, as well as bronzers, lipsticks to match my skins varying pantones and surely I’ll use that blue eyeliner? Should I think about taking fewer, more multi tasking products, or stick to the old faves? I guess it’s also worth exploring the possibility that I won’t want to wear any make up…..explored, and rejected.

I’m going to share the final cut, why they made it, and after 6 months of using them I wonder if I’ll feel the same!

Beauty-what makeup to take on a RTW trip.

This is the final cut of what I took with me…..yep, I know it’s a lot.

Mac stippling brush – I don’t think I can live without this For slapping my foundation on, plus a few other brushes, but honest it’s a very edited version of my full bundle. Tweezerman pink tweezers. Shu Uemura eyelash curlers

Lauder BB cream…..I dunno why I’ve brought this, I just feel like I should ‘cos it’s a multi tasker (foundation, SPF and whatever else BB creams are supposed to offer)linique Anti Blemish foundation – I LOVE this foundation and have 3 shades (don’t worry, I’m only taking the darkest shade). When I first started in Beauty, I was kindly given lots of lovely products, not all of which were suitable for my skin….however I slapped them all on with glee and felt the pain a few weeks later with some heinous breakouts which lasted around a year. Clinique, albeit not the most glam brand, has some real gems. This foundation is one of them and I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Mac select concealer – nice creamy concealer, good for under the eyes & Shiseido concealer – nice waxy concealer, good for spots…ahem ‘blemishes’

Benefit Stay Flawless primer – I’ve got combination skin & often get told that I look like I’m wearing no make up…..which is fine, if it was meant as a compliment, however I suspect that its not based on the grimace which accompanies said comment. So this primer manages to make me look like I’m wearing make up fr the whole night – joy!

Mini Benefit High Beam highlighter – love this so much (sorry welshcake) & this one is from a coralista set so its tiny which helps with all the other stuff I’m cramming in my bag. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – love this, and I’m taking it on all of my flights with me. I’m not that flyer who gets essential oils and cashmere out and puts a face mask on, but this does help with my puffy face (just wish I could afford to put it on my cankles too).

Guerlain 4 seasons terracotta bronzer – this is a no brainer. And if you haven’t ever used Guerlain, please do – its the most gorgeous brand, and whilst quite pricy, the products really do work. They had me at Le 2……you can buy Guerlain here
Guerlain (again) Madame Rougit 4 colours blush – this blusher is from the Crazy Paris collection which was so so so beautiful, and it has both peach and pink in the shades. So kinds perfect for being lovely & bronzed.
NARS The Multiple – shade Orgasm – I’ve loved the powder version for years and years so I presumed the multiple would be the holy grail of orgasm. However, it’s quite annoying in the sun, and the texture doesn’t last as long (due to the creamier texture). It made the cut, because I love love love the shade, and won’t be too upset if it gets lost.
Estée Lauder Pure Color pop in X-Pose Rose….…..already I’m realising I have too much. This is a lovely cheek stain in a gorge hot pink. It may be cut.

Guerlain Cil’s D’enfer Maxi Lash – words can’t describe my love for this product. Aside from Givenchy Phenomeneyes, this is my fave mascara.
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner – this is the only eyeliner that stays on my oily eyelids (grrrrr), but I tend to shade the line/kitten flick with Mac kohl, then I go over it with liquid.
Illamasqua blue eyeliner…..just cos it feels summery.
Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Queen Tiffany – I thought this might be useful at some stage. It’s a pretty bronze colour which I’m normally too pasty for.

Dior Rouge Dior in Mazette – similar colour to the Mac costa chic one I’m also bringing along with. The main difference is that this one is way more moisturising, and less Matt. Dior is my fave, but costa chic is on its way out (literally & in terms of expiry date) so I figured I’ll finish it en route.
Dior Lip Glow colour reviver balm in original and coral…..this is a super clever little lip balm that adjusts and accentuates your natural lip colour. So, for example, my lips are quite pink – and this lip balm makes them look a prettier pink. The coral has a hint of coral, but again – quite a pinky undertone.
Clinique Chubby Stick in 2 Ton Tomato – in case I want a red lip, this is nice and moisturising.

#The Desert Islander 3
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria – Lys Soleia – this fragrance is my all time favourite and it was a dark time when my boss (who was pregnant at the time) made me stop wearing it as it was literally making her vom 🙁 we were reunited after a few months, and the lovely people at Guerlain kept me in constant stock (thanks xx). I’m now down to my last one, and it’s coming with me!
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – I guess this is on most people’s list of must haves, and I’m no different. I’ve used it for years, buying the 30ml versions at the airport before you could buy them everywhere (good call Arden). I rarely use it for dry patches, and never as a moisturiser as I my skin is too oily; I use it as a lip balm, to highlight my cheeks and bridge of my nose, and for my split ends. If you don’t like the smell, there’s a fragrance free version now.
So this list is a bit longer than I expected and perhaps there are a few items that are surplus to requirements, but I’ve done the minimal backpacking thing before and it’s not as fun as having some lipstick and multiple orgasms (sorry I know it’s cheap but I couldn’t resist).

L x

Ps I promise I haven’t been sponsored by House of Fraser OR Guerlain! But I highly recommend them both 😉

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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