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You may remember my exciting Lush Haul a couple of weeks ago? I popped in to buy the new SPF Sunblock (SPF 30) that you use in the shower (say whhhhaaaat?). Well, since that day, my skin hasn’t really seen the sun so I haven’t used it. Until now.

I am happy to say that I have officially tested this amazingly weird product in the shower this morning and, well, I love it.

Lush Sunscreen SPF 30

Lets start from the beginning — it’s a block of soapy looking consistency I guess. When you unwrap it though, the familiar Lush-essence hits you (floral, creamy) and for me, that’s super comforting, but I know that some people really don’t love that scent! I would urge you to power through this stage. The lovely Lush ladies explained the process to me when I popped into the Canterbury store, but if you aren’t sure, I hope this helps.

Break off a slab. This bit is super satisfying as it reminded me of breaking off a slab of chocolate. You need a slab, in theory, per application, but I only used half a slab and that felt enough for a first application (you will still need to apply more every couple of hours as per usual suncare rules).

Lush Sunblock Slab - SPF30, Suncare


Lather a bit, it will have a creamy milky consistency, but it won’t foam. Keep doing this until you feel like you have got a good coverage. I rinsed and repeated a few times.

Lush Sunblock SPF30 - Lathering on arm

Et voila! You should now be left with a gorgeous sheen on your skin, not tacky or sticky, but your skin should feel really moisturised. Mine felt amazing, although you can’t tell from pictures tbh, sorry!

I am completely converted to solid sunscreen! I don’t love suntan lotion, or sun cream anyway (I am so bad at applying it evenly), and this way of applying SPF, and to be honest, will be using it all year round as a shower ‘conditioner’ as it left me feeling so nice and moisturised I didn’t need my usual slathering of body cream. I guess it’s of the same ilk as the Lush massage bars, which I also love, except that you don’t have to faff with it post shower.

What do you think of this? Are you tempted to buy one now, or have you already tried it? Do you hate the smell of Lush?

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