The Multi Purpose Magic of Coconut Oil

The Multi Purpose Magic of Coconut Oil

Recently, someone suggested I start a travel beauty tip series to make this blog more cohesive, so here is the first in a hopefully long and successful series!

Before we crack on with the first travel beauty tip I want to explain what the point of it all is. Not life, nothing that deep don’t worry. Some people really don’t care about beauty, and even less so when they are travelling but I do, and my blog is for those of you who do too.

Wherever I go, I love sneaking off and perusing the beauty aisles be it Thailand, France, Australia. It’s just always been an obsession so why not include that here? Some weeks it will be why the beautiful Burmese women cover their skin in Tanaka and some weeks it’ll be a tip from yours truly.

So, without further ado lets begin with the inaugural travel beauty tip! Coconut Oil!

coconut oil travel beauty tip 1

coconut oil travel beauty tip 1

Now I’ve written about it before, several times but it truly does deserve a post of it’s own.

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile, inexpensive and natural beauty products around and if you haven’t considered it to be of utmost importance before, you should do now.

  1. It’s cheap. I bought some for £2 in Superdrug!
  2. It’s natural.
  3. It is a serious multi-tasker. Once you read my next 2 points, you’ll see why.
  4. You can use it as both a face, hair & body moisturizer. Hallelujah!
  5. It’s a fantastic makeup remover. It’s kind of the original cleansing balm, so suck it Eve Lom.


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