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Without further ado though, let me get onto my next travel beauty tip. I think it’s gonna be a popular one because there ain’t a girl I don’t know who strives for it……..a deep, prolonged tan. Yep, I’m gonna share my top tips for keeping your suntan.

There’s a slightly interesting reason I thought of this travel beauty tip and I am writing the post pretty close to the publish date too – which is unusual for me as I like to get ahead of the game and most of my posts are written a good few weeks ahead of their publish date. Blame my inner virgo.

I digress! So, the slightly interesting story is that my lovely friend Ruth stayed with me the other day fresh from the plane. We live in Hammersmith (not for much longer though, sob) which is super convenient to get to from Heathrow, so she landed, hopped on the tube and landed on my doorstep. And boy, was she tanned. Seriously, she was glowing and healthy looking and so, so, so beautifully bronzed! She shared some amazing nuggets of solid gold tanning wisdom which I am going to dispense anon……

Decleor Tan prolonger, enhancer, beauty travel

Decleor Tan Enhancer snuggling my copy of Lonely Planet Thailand.

Now, I should add a disclaimer here as I know that tanning is not at all the most important thing to achieve in life, in fact — it can be bloody dangerous if you don’t protect your skin properly so please know that what I am talking about is safe tanning. Don’t channel the eighties and slather on oil ‘cos you will look like a crusty leather handbag in your thirties. Even worse….you may end up with skin cancer so really, don’t be stupid people.

Body Butter, travel beauty, tan enhancer, moisturiser

Err’body needs a Pink Loofah and some scummy body butter

Now, onto the incredibly vain advice I am about to share with you……

  1. Exfoliate often | This may seem counter-intuitive but honestly, exfoliating regularly is key to ensure you are tanning deeply. How much you decide to exfoliate is personal – for me: every day for my body, every other day for my face works best. Ruth recommended a trip to the spa for a salt scrub…..given how cheap spa treatments are in Asia, this will definitely be on my list to try out.
  2. Moisturise | Moisturising regularly is super important and I find that every evening before bed is a nice little ritual. I use Kiehls Creme de Corps but really, anything with a decent cocoa/shea butter content works for most people and clearly, coconut oil is king.
  3. Take your time | I guess this should be in a post about tanning myths really. Using SPF, staying out of the sun between 12-3 and not parking yourself like a sausage on a grill, are all ways to get a quick, short lived tan and a sure fire way to get red, sore, sun damaged skin with a higher risk of skin cancer. Get to know what SPF you should be using (Boots have a great tool on their website) and make sure that you don’t ever go out in the sun without a liberal application.
  4. Tanning Prep | Use a tan prolonger like Decleor Aromessance or Guerlain Soleil de Tan to encourage your skins production of Melatonin. I’m pretty sure there are probably some form of creepy supplement out there too if you are keen but I like using these 2 products in the weeks prior to hitting the sun. I only use them on my body though, as the skin on my face is way too delicate to be speeding up any tanning.

Of course, the number one rule is to ALWAYS wear SPF. Always, always, always. Always. If you can, get a moisturiser that already includes it so it becomes second nature. I go one step further and but a foundation with SPF too. If in doubt, head to Clinique as they are amazing for including SPF in most of their face products.

Has anybody out there got any top tanning tips to share? Don’t be shy, I love hearing your comments!

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