I bloody love a list. I love reading a list, writing a list and most of all, I LOVE ticking things off said list. I’m a classic strike through kind of girl, and with every strike I become ever more satisfied. It truly is my favourite thing to do, and when I’m in a blogging rut (which evidently I am at the moment), it’s what I turn to.

So please sit back, relax with a cuppa on this rainy Sunday afternoon and enjoy the things I am currently obsessed with.

1) This Diary. Call me old fashioned, but I really love having a proper paper diary. I just can’t cope with keeping everything in iCal on my phone – what if someone asks for my schedule whilst I’m on the phone to them? I can’t tell them, because it’s ON THE PHONE. See? Apple didn’t think about that one did they?

2) This Cuticle Oil. My nails have been so disgusting of late…..all the filing I’ve been doing in my various temp admin jobs coupled with the change in weather has left them super dry and flaky. It seems that Lily Pebbles is totally having the same issue, so her post about it reminded me to buy some more cuticle oil, which truly is a life saver.

3) This Eye Mask. With the amount of travelling I do (that sounds so douchey, sorry) I do love an eye mask…..I also like to loser things, so my last one disappeared into the ether sometime last year. Anyway, I love Zara Home for their selection (which is where my last one came from) and whilst impractical, I love this white cotton one.

4) This Doormat. It’s so witty and cool, I love it. I actually think I may have posted about it before…..so I should probably just buy it already and stop wasting valuable posting space.

5) This Epic Concealer. Nudestix are a really cute little brand with a very simple premise – everything is in a stick format. There’s been quite a lot of hype about them and my interest has been piqued! I want several, but let’s start with the concealer.

What is on your lust list (keep it clean please people)? Do you like writing lists as much as I do?