Travel Hair & Beauty Tips via Pinterest

Travel Hair & Beauty Tips via Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? Of course you have. It’s only the best way to procrastinate, plan, inspire and generally get lost in a vortex of awesome images and infographics. I  for almost every aspect of my life, from wedding planning to travel inspiration but no board gets more action than my travel beauty boards.

In an effort to make this site more cohesive and more representative of my ‘niche’, I thought I would share what I’ve been pinning on my Travel Beauty black hole this week.

Travel Hair

Travel Beauty Tips via Pinterest

Travel Beauty Tips via Pinterest // Hairstyles great for travelling or for just being a bit lazy!

  1. Fishtail Halo Braid via Trends-Style.Com // I love a fishtail braid; it looks so much more complex than it is and work great with dirty hair. Halo braids are particularly good for keeping those cheeky flyaways that circle my hairline in check. It’s actually a great scuba diving hairstyle too, as the mask will lay flat against your hair (the donut does NOT work).
  2. Hair Scarves via travelfashiongirl.com // I should do this more often to be honest, as my dark brown hair gets super hot in the sun. Anyway, I have resolved to utilise my little silk scarf more often as a stylish and practical solution to bad hair days.
  3. Thank God for Top-Knots via thyme-is-honey.com // Because…..well, thank god for top-knots right?

Travel Beauty

Travel Beauty Tips via Pinterest

Travel Beauty Tips via Pinterest // Beauty tips from the pro’s, all great for travelling!

  1. Travel Beauty Tips from Flight Attendants via popsugar.com // These oft-touted tips probably won’t surprise you but one thing I never think of is SPF. You’re inside, and away from the sun right? Well kind of. But did you know that you are actually at a very high risk of the negative effects of sun exposure in a plane? Especially in the window seat! Treat your flight like you would treat a day at the beach….minus the bikini, obvs.
  2. Cult Beauty Products from Asia via Buzzfeed // If you are in the beauty know, Korea may be on your must visit beauty mecca lists. If not, then check this list out and make sure that you stock up on some of these treats. I am keen for an Earl Grey sheet mask!
  3. Top Tips for Keeping your Suntan via couldihavethat.com // I have actually written about this topic before, as it is one close to my heart (haha). Some of these tips are great, if a little obvious…..

What are your favourite Travel Hair & Beauty tips and tricks? Are you on Pinterest?

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