South East Asia is a tough place to stock up on your fave travel beauty items. Yes, Thailand has an actual bona fide Boots, but there ain’t no 3 for 2’s out here and you definitely can’t use your advantage card. Honest, I tried.

That was one of the most annoying discoveries upon my first trip to SE Asia, so I’m planning a (hopefully) helpful post soon on what toiletries to bring in bulk and what you can easily pick up on the road. In the meantime, I wanted to share an awesome multi tasking beauty discovery (a discovery to me, not the world…..sensible sorts know of it’s work). It’s Glycerine!!!

All I knew about the powers of Glycerine was in relation to keeping a cake nice and moist. I refer you to Nigella for a proper description of how. But Glycerine as a beauty product, say whaaaaat?!

Well, how dumb can I be. Glycerine is a main ingredient in most soaps….especially any that are remotely moisturising. A quick scout on Lush directed me to this super scientific explanation…..

Glycerine is a clear, viscous liquid, which dissolves completely in water. It occurs widely in nature, and was traditionally obtained from animal fat or tallow as a by-product of soap making. Finding a non-tallow source of glycerine has been a challenge. The vegetable oil involved in the production of our glycerine is rapeseed oil grown in the U.K. and the E.U.

courtesy of lush.co.uk

Incidentally, Lush is one of my fave beauty bases EVER. There will be a post about how incredibly awesome they are upon my return.

So you can see why this needs to become a part of your travelling beauty kit, yes? For a start, you can get it everywhere. I actually got mine in a pharmacy in Mumbai, for about 100 rupees (£1) and I’m still using it now, over 8 weeks later.

Not convinced? Let me persuade you of the many uses of Glycerine……

1) As a bog standardly great moisturiser.
Most people will say you need to mix it with water, but I either pop it on neat to any dry areas (I’m a combination type, so I can’t use it everywhere) or super charge it by mixing it with one of my fave products e.g…….

2) Mix it!
I mix it with ANR occasionally for a night time treat. I obviously don’t travel with the same arsenal of creams I use at home, so using this one product and mixing it with either ANR at night, or sun cream during the day is a godsend to my overloaded backpack. We have also mixed it with pure Aloe Vera which is very effective for sunburn.

3) It stops my horse hair from frizzing!
I experimented with this because my hair is so dry you could use it as a loofah. I was happily surprised with lovely soft hair, for at least a day! Yay! It also makes my conditioner last longer (thankfully, as it costs so much out here).

4) For mouth ulcers!!
This is kind of non beauty, but glycerine is amazing for mouth ulcers. It’s actually a main ingredient in Bonjela…bonkers.

5) Use it with your make up too…….
I’m gonna be honest with you, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve actually worn make up in the past 4 months, but when I do — it slips off before I can finish my cocktail. The texture of glycerine is kinda, well, gloopy — so I thought it may work as a primer. And it did. It’s also pretty good mixed with lipstick (particularly pigment heavy MAC which I love, but makes my lips dry).

So that’s it for another edition of Beauty on the Beach. I hope you enjoy my picture, which is actually on Otres beach.

L x