Top Winter Warmers

Top Winter Warmers

In my opinion, there’s nowt worse than being cold.

As such, I spend a lot of my time coveting knitwear, hot chocolate, furry slippers and generally anything that promises a glimmer of hope that my inner thermostat will heat up a few notches. Finding Winter warmers is kinda  my life goal.

I had such a writers block the other day, so my angel of a friend J-Sco suggested this post and it was then that I realised that she should probably writing this blog…….awks. She is currently my number 1 contributor and mentor:)

I’ve had a think, delved into my (pretty bare) cupboards and pulled out anything I use to keep warm. The shops are full of lovely, cosy pieces at the mo so this is the opportune time to pick a few winter warmers up.

Get Your Scarf On

Scarves, leopard, faux fur, tartan plaid, winter warmers

I like to wear my scarves on my arm….

I’m a massive faux fur lover….so I always have a faux fur stole knocking about. Tartan/Plaid is another love and Oli bought me 2 Scarves from Zara last year which I absolutely adore, so much so that I took one traveling and let me tell you, it was absolutely dreamy on the plane….and in the insane cold weather of Darjeeling too. Lastly, I wouldn’t be anywhere without my leopard print, scarf from Accessorize which is a great all year rounder, as it’s so light (the link takes you through to a similar one from Warehouse, as mine is so old Accessorize no longer stock it).

Ear Muffs

Slippers, Ear Muffs, Hand cream!

Cosy cosy cosy

Oh I do get laughed at when I wear these but you know what? I can’t hear the laughter on account of my incredibly warm and muffled ears:) Again, Oli bought me a set a couple of years ago…as, incidentally, did my mum so I have 2 sets. This set is from Fat Face and is super soft and keeps that heinous chill out.


Those cosy little pair of Granddad slippers are my new fave thing. I bought them in Primark for £8 on Monday and they basically haven’t left my feet since. They are the perfect combo of comfy and cute. Plus Oli laughs at me every time he sees them….bonus lols.

Soup, Soup, Spicy Soup, Soup….

Tomato Soup, homemade bread, winter food, healthy eating, weight loss

Obviously the best part is the bread….

I have a strange old relationship with soup, which I think stems from the fact that I feel a bit weird about being able to drink my food. I never look forward to eating soup and I have to push myself into it a bit, but once I get cracking on with the eating of it — I love it. There are exceptions to this rule though, and I tend to be a touch picky with the flavours. I hate mushrooms, and anything creamy…..and I despise lentil soup. Luckily, I love tomato soup which is incidentally, really easy to make at home and is perfect for chilly old Winter.

All you need to do is fry some onion and garlic (I do it with oil, but you could be really saintly and sweat them in water or something), add 400g tin of chopped tomatoes, the same amount of water and a teaspoon of sugar and you’re done. It takes about 30 mins to simmer to a yummy soup, which you can serve with some fresh basil and seasoning. It’s literally about 50 calories so you can guiltlessly fill your boots:)

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, Bills

Bills Hot Chocolate…..it rocks my world

I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, and would always choose a cheeseboard over dessert, but since traveling to India earlier this year, where I drank insane amounts of sweet chai, I’ve developed a bit of a sugar craving. Chocolate is still not my go to sweet treat, but I am really a little bit obsessed with hot chocolate. Seriously, I don’t know why I never drank this dreamy concoction before but I am definitely making up for lost time now.

Oli makes a mean cup of Chocolatey goodness, and I’ve learned a bit from his tekkers. I just use standard cocoa powder (Cadbury’s if you are really interested) and the quantities I use are 4 heaped teaspoons to approximately 200ml milk. Along side that, I have been keenly adding a teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of ginger and a couple of cloves if I’m feeling jazzy. Heat it super slowly, stirring occasionally until it’s nice and thick. I tend not to boil it, but aside from that I have no hard and fast rules.

Failing that, a Skinny Ho-Cho from Bill’s is the best around. It comes with a side serving of Flake!


I have no shame when it comes to keeping warm, and my underwear drawer is filled with layers of decidedly un-glamorous thermals. My favourites are the heattech styles from Uniqlo which are insanely warm and very affordable (leggings are less than £15).

Mulled Wine

As I write this, I am yet to drink my first mulled wine of the season. It’s the 3rd of December for goodness sakes!!! Anyway, I actually could totally just make some myself as I imagine it to be pretty easy. You can buy pre mixed spices from most supermarkets but I think you could easily make your own with some cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and maybe a nip of rum. I’ll try it later and let you know how it goes…….

What are your foolproof ways to stay warm in the Winter? Keep it clean people…..

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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  1. 12th December 2014 / 1:31 am

    I on the other hand have an unhealthy relationship with soup in winter. I love soup and bread together, its the perfect mix of warmth and crunchiness 🙂

    • Lucy
      13th December 2014 / 10:19 am

      Yum, I totally agree. L x

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