My Top 5 London Breweries

My Top 5 London Breweries

British Beer has come a long way over the last 5 years. New breweries are popping up here, there, and everywhere. Which is great for me. But not so great for my beer belly.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day at London Fields Brewery taking a tour, doing some brewing and, more importantly, some sampling. So in preparation, I thought I would think about my top 5¬†breweries in London…here they are.

  1. The Kernel Brewery, Bermondsey

Evin O’Riordain started this excellent brewery back in 2009. I have enjoyed every single beer I’ve had from The Kernel. They brew some fantastic IPAs around the 7% region, as well as a really too drinkable Table Beer which is closer to 3%. The other end of the spectrum is their 10% Stout, which I haven’t sampled yet, but hopefully soon!

The Kernel

  1. Beavertown Brewery, De Beauvoir Town

Started in 2012, this new brewery on the scene is cracking out some awesome brews. If you don’t know the name, you’ll probably know their logos, which are awesome! My favourite is the Gamma Ray IPA, which has shed loads of hops and tropical fruitiness. It packs a reasonable punch at 5.4% as well.


  1. Partizan Brewing, Bermondsey

Another 2012 newbie, Partizan have an extensive range of bottle conditioned beers, using all types of hops. They focus mainly on Pale Ales, which suits me just fine. My top two are the Indian Pale Ale, and the Pale Ale, Chinook and Columbus.


  1. Pressure Drop Brewing, Hackney

Again, another 2012 start-up (seriously, 2012 was a good year to start a brewery), but started selling in January 2013, these guys make some seriously cool beers.Wu Gang Chops The Tree (best name for a beer ever?) is my standout favourite. I generally wouldn’t try a beer with such low alcohol, but this is an absolute cracker and apparently should go great with roast chicken…so maybe we’ll have roast chicken at the weekend.


  1. Camden Town Brewery, Camden (duh!)

An early starter in 2010, Camden town are now a pretty big deal. Great times for them, and for me as their Camden Hells and Camden Pale Ale are absolute crackers.

Camden Town


One of my favourite things about these breweries is that they work together. They have some great cross-over beers which are dual-branded, and sample each of their individual characteristics. Also, they all have open hours where you can go to the brewery and drink while having a look at where it’s come from!

As I said, these guys are my favourite London breweries, and I love what they do. What beers do you drink?




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