Afternoon Reading: My Favourite Blogs of 2015

Afternoon Reading: My Favourite Blogs of 2015
My Favourite Blogs of 2015

My Favourite Blogs of 2015

It’s coming up to the end of the way now and of course, with that comes a raft of roundup posts and summaries of the past 12 months. I’m not gonna do that, but I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic and sentimental about where I am now compared to where I was on January 1st. Emotionally, I mean…obvs. Technically, I was in London then and I am in London right now…..

Anyway, I am not going to do a big roundup of me, where I was and what I have been doing because, well, you probably know all of that anyway. I may write one of those posts at some point (I can’t remember the last roundup post I wrote, woops!) but for now I just want to write a list. Yeah, that’s right. A LIST. Not just any list though, a super unique TOP 10 LIST…..I hear you, snore.

I devour blogs for breakfast, yo, so here are the 10 I have been going back to regularly. Let me know your favourite blogs in the comments – I love to discover new ways to procrastinate.

  1. Oh She Glows | The past couple of years have seen my diet transformed from couch-potato-stuff-ya-face kinda gal, to mostly Vegan yoga & run loving bunny. It’s blogs like this one and Aine Carlin’s Pea Soup Eats that have transformed my diet.
  2. The Mochilera Diaries | I only discovered Leah this year, through mutual bloggers, as it were. She is beyond cool, and takes  gorgeous pictures. I like her musings, her bolshy goals to make herself ‘uncomfortable’ and push boundaries, always.
  3. Vivianna Does Makeup | There really is no need for explanation here. I love her, trust her opinion, slightly want to be her and that will never change.
  4. Tyrannasaurus Lexx | Okay, Lexx is actually a vlogger but whatever. Her 3 minute vlogs are hilarious, and for someone so young she is happily free of the nuisance vlogger bs.
  5. Pea Soup Eats | Ainé’s book, Keep it Vegan, is my most used cookbook ever. Bar none. Even though I’m not strictly Vegan. That’s how good it is!
  6. Girl vs. Globe | Sabine is a force of nature and merges fashion, musings and travel seamlessly. I regularly check in for her look books.
  7. The Shooting Star | This girl rocks. Shivya is an Indian blogger, who writes better than anyone I’ve ever read…..that was a terrible sentence, sorry. Her pictures are BEAUTIFUL too, so if you get a chance, stalk her Instagram too.
  8. Kate La Vie | This seems to be the year of the beauty blogger rebrand, and everyone seems to be trading in their ill advised teenage monikers for something a little more grown up. Former Gh0stParties blogger Kate has my vote though regardless of her name, and I spend hours lusting after her white floorboards and gorgeous bathroom. The epitome of #homegoals.
  9. Rock My Wedding | Because….weddings.
  10. Adventurous Kate | Now, this was a tricky one because I go through phases with ‘American female travel bloggers’ but this year, I am loving Kate’s work. I’m fickle though, so lets see where I go in 2016….

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