Throwback Thursday – Pushkar, Rajasthan

Throwback Thursday – Pushkar, Rajasthan

Back when Lucy and I were travelling across the Rajasthan desert, we came across Pushkar, a gorgeous little town based around a natural lake and surrounded by mountains and hills.

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar has long been a holy pilgrimage sight for Hindus, as they believe that the lake was created by Brahma, creator of the universe. The ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were scattered on the lake after his death, and one of the ghats was renamed after him.

Aside from the lake, which is the centre of the town, there are hundreds of market stalls, traders and sweet shops around the narrow bustling streets. Most of the streets are wide enough to allow a cow and a human to pass, but not much wider! In fact, apart from Varanasi, this is the place where we were left reaching for any kind of smell-reducing spray. There is A LOT of cow poo on the streets!


At sunset one night we witnessed an incredible spectatle. In many countries, the sun is “drummed down”. Drummers sit an beat out tunes on any instruments they can get their hands on as the sun sets. These percussion nuts will often drum for the last hour of daylight, and they are all incredible. We sat and watched the sun set while a couple of guys went mental on their drums. Randomly, a 60 year old man walks up and just starts dancing to the beat with the sun and lake behind him. It was an amazing sun set, and one which I still remember more vividly than all the others.


Lucy and I still talk while salivating uncontorlibly of the Shiva Juice Bar. We had the “Vegetable Biryani of my life” as Lucy says there, and one of the best lassis that India has to offer. We also met our good travelling legends Gav and Ruth there, so it is firmly stuck in our minds as one of our favourite restaurants of our whole trip.


Mmm…look at that! Delicious!

Anyway, Pushkar was a lovely mix of crazy, smelly, laid-back, and delicious and it was a wonderful place which I hope we can go back to at some point!



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