Those of you who know us well will know that we like our food. Particularly meat! There are very few things in the world that offer the same amount of pleasure as a delicious bit of meat (sorry all you veggies – you guys may as well stop reading now).


Tunday Kebab in Lucknow is, for me, the most delicious kebab I have ever eaten! The menu at the 105 year-old Tunday Kebabi boasts that they use over 100 herbs and spices in their concoctions.

India provided us with our best food during the time we were away, but I personally think Tunday Kebab was the highlight. I very much doubt that any food will reach the same level of taste, for such absurdly low prices. The meal for 2 of us, including a second helping of kebabs and a couple of lassies cost less than a meal deal at a Tesco or Boots (less than £3/$5).

The main kebabs that Tunday serve are similar in shape and size to a burger patty. The special thing about these kebabs however, is the added fruit (mainly papaya) that makes the meat so tender. It is rumoured that these kebabs were invented for a toothless king who still wanted to chomp down on his favoured lamb meat. The added papaya almost has the effect of melting the meat so that you could eat this even without your dentures.


The aforementioned one-hundred spices were delicately blended in our lamb kebabs so that it was not too spicy, but had the delicious flavours that one would expect of India. They are cooked in huge dishes outside the shop, and the men who run the kitchen take great pride in their ability to cook hundreds of kebabs at any one time. To be honest, it’s a surprise to me that any other restaurants existed in Lucknow!!!

If you’re in the neighbourhood, consider trying to live in the restaurant as we should have done – there really is nothing else worth doing in Lucknow, so don’t even bother!