New Years Eve is such a weird night, isn’t it? I’ve lived in London for over a decade and I can count on one hand the amount of great New Years nights I have had here. Purely, because I am a lazy Londoner. You see, when you live here — you go one of two ways: enjoy every moment, nook and cranny the capital has to offer or do the alternative and live in your little section of London and allow it to become smaller and smaller until you essentially live in a village. I am quite sadly, the latter. Although I have my moments……

Regardless of which type of Londoner you are, or indeed if you are just an occasional Londoner here to soak up the New Years vibe, you probably want a few tips on where to go, what to do and how to do it.

New Years Eve, London 2015

New Years Eve, London 2015

New Years Eve, London 2015

New Years Eve, London 2015

New Years Eve, London, 2015

New Years Eve, London 2015

Here are my picks of the best places to spend your New Years Eve in London.

* Comedy *

I love a good bit of comedy for an evening event. It’s a really nice, casual way to have an awesome night out with minimal fuss. My kind of thing entirely.

Brilliant Bill Bailey has almost finished his Hammersmith run, and will be at the Vaudeville for NYE performing Limboland to the baying crowds…….pricy at £64 a head, but bear in mind that the tube is totally free tonight and drinks are reasonable at the venue.


* Fireworks *

Just watch it on the tv, at home. Honestly, it’s better that way.

Alternatively, get some indoor fireworks, charge your friends £10 each to see them and shoehorn them into a bizarre and irritating one way system whereby they can’t see a thing and get home cold, tired, and lacking all festive cheer at 5am.

* Go Dancing *

Is there anything more romantic and exciting than a Gatsby themed party? Yes, there is? You would prefer to stay in with beans on toast and some festive cheese? Fair enough. But if you do decide to get dressed up and throw your dancing shoes on, and head to South Bank for a seriously vintage inspired shindig. Prices start at £125 for a standarad ticket and go up to over £200 (inc. a 3 course meal).


* Smugly Stay Indoors *

Bad grammar, I know. Sorry. This choice is always my favourite option but I do think it’s important to make a little fuss and ado. You can stay in your trackie bottoms if you want, but I like to pout a little makeup on , paint my nails and wear something pretty. Well, something that makes me feel pretty anyway. Then, make (or buy) some party food….for me, some cocktail sausages, crisps and stacks of sour cream are winners.

And, of course, bubbles. Lots of them. Get your pack of cards against humanity out and get all inappropriate. Price = cheap.

* Something Different *

If I do go out, this is where I’ll be going. White Mischief is a cabaret spectacular held at one of the most gorgeous venues, Bush Hall (in Chez bu!). Prices are insanely reasonable, starting from £35, and in the grand old tradition of the variety show, features a gazillion  awesome performers.


What are your NYE plans? I wanna know, so tell me in the comments!

L x