The Worst Week

The Worst Week

Unless you’ve been sat under a rock, or have far worse things going on in your won country (so, that’s quite a lot of the world then), you’ll have heard the news that Britain have voted to leave the European Union.

Yep, that happened. And you may also have heard some other things, like the fact the pound is at an all time low, the Prime Minister has resigned, and our Government is in tatters. Oh yeah, and Boris Johnson — the leader of the leave campaign, and favourite to replace David Cameron as the next PM has decided he’s not keen on the task of running the country.

You may also have heard that London voted in their droves to STAY in the EU, and are now begging our Mayor (formerly the position old Boris held), the very newly appointed Sadiq Khan to agree conditions whereby we remain in the EU. And that Scotland, and Northern Ireland — who both also voted to remain in the EU — are calling for referendums to decide whether they remain part of the UK, and therefore can rejoin  the EU.

So, yeah. It’s been a pretty rubbish week.

For those who voted to remain, particularly so, but also for those for whom voting to leave seemed like a good option, but then…..the reality of actually leaving hit way too hard, leaving them with regret and sadness.

It’s no overstatement to say that waking up last Friday, reading the news on the way to work, and then spending the day in a busy newspaper office with journalists reporting on the days madness, was insane. I felt, and still feel, bereft, scared, confused and very, very angry. As the days pass, I realise that I’m angry at everyone — fro  the Leave campaign who chose to tell untruth’s and thinly veiled propaganda that they are now scrambling to backtrack on, to the Remain campaign who just didn’t try hard enough to convince people, to the Tory government who couldn’t win back seats from UKIP any other way than to promise something that should never have happened.

Throughout London, because I don’t really know how everyone else in the country is feeling, there has been a huge increase in racist attacks (over 50% more than the week before the referendum) and there have been protests popping up regularly. London is multicultural, and a home to many, many Europeans and many more generations of people who have a hodge podge of a background and aren’t 100% British. I’m not, and I don’t know that many people who are either. It breaks my heart to think that anyone wouldn’t feel welcome in the not-so United Kingdom.

Because a lot of people voted to leave the EU because of fears around immigration.

I don’t want to go into a huge rant about why I feel miserable about the decision that was made, and why I don’t believe that it is the right one. I just wanted to say, that this is a crappy week, so if you are one of the people getting sick of people sharing their BREXIT woes on social media, stop and try to be kind, instead of leaving a sarky message or tell them to “get over it and move on”. Equally, let’s try not to attack all people who voted to leave the EU — they had their reasons, and probably feel as crappy about the state of affairs too.

Let’s be a little kinder to each other, and try to stay #United! 

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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