I think I’ve passed over the ‘a little bit pregnant’ to the ‘yep, there ain’t no mistaking that for a case of the bloats’ now. It’s great actually, and I just want to show off the bump all the time – is that weird? If it is, who cares anyway. In fact, I know my friend Charlotte also loved her bump so if I’m weird, so is she and she’s my mama role model anyway so whatevs.

Aside from wearing the stretchiest tops to show off my growing belly, I’ve been reflecting on why I — a former bulimic – am so comfortable with my body changing. I think it’s because however slim or chubby I’ve been, my tummy is never something I feel comfortable with.  Although I’ve never had that washboard stomach, it was totally flat before I fell pregnant albeit in that womanly, soft way ya know?

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But without realising it I was constantly holding my stomach in, sucking the air out of it and never wearing tight tops. Wearing a bikini was always annoying and my arms naturally fall to hide my tummy whenever I sat down. My wedding day was no different and I picked my dress badly anyway (the fact I didn’t like it coupled with it being a wee bit too big on the day meant I hated it!) – I wanted something to ‘suck me in’ rigidly. Purely so I could breathe out!

But now I can breathe out! In fact, I can breathe out, push it out, draw attention to my protrusion with pride. And it’s bloody liberating. Love my wee bump as it grows, even when I forget my centre of gravity is different and topple over 😉

Anyway, what else is happening this week? Nada. Honestly, sweet FA!

How about you?

L x

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