Holy crap am I tired this week! I think it must be a baby growth spurt or something but I’m properly struggling with tiredness and ironically have barely exercised. Ironic as this is supposed to be the topic for this week’s pregnancy diaries……woops.

Actually, that keeps things super bang on topic because, although I haven’t exercised so much this week — I want to just say that’s okay. You absolutely HAVE to be kind to yourself in pregnancy. Whatever exercise you can do, be it walking, yoga, spinning, HiiT, Crossfit (seriously?) do it. As long as your GP says you are good to go, go. And don’t give any sh@ts about what anyone else says. In fact, I think that’s probably a really good rule for the rest of pregnancy too….and by all accounts for motherhood too!

Pregnancy Exercise

So, can you exercise when pregnant? Yeah, definitely. And it’s encouraged too – not like the days of yore when we had to rest up for months on end when the baby was impending. Disclaimer: my knowledge is gleaned from Call the Midwife. I think the general rule of thumb, is if you did it before you fell pregnant, you can probably continue it throughout with exceptions.

I ran (badly) before I was pregnant so I carried on a little in my first trimester, but I couldn’t face it when my bump started getting bigger. I did quite a lot of exercise last year actually, but I honestly couldn’t face much more than my daily walk after my first trimester and my pregnancy has been dreamy!

One thing I’ve carried on throughout pregnancy is yoga. You have to switch to pregnancy yoga or, at least, that seems to be the thing you’re encouraged to do, and that is a whole different ball-game. It’s so much more than a standard yoga practice as you get pregnancy-specific advice and there is often a partner yoga session where you learn a bit of massage too. I’ve honestly LOVED this, and although I haven’t been able to go every week — it’s been the only exercise class I’ve ever gone back to.

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Pregnant and worrying about which exercise you should be doing? I picked yoga, and have LOVED it! Here's my guide.....

It slots in nicely if you are planning on using hypnobirthing and even if you aren’t, teaches you some super useful relaxation, breathing and labour techniques (using the pregnancy ball, for example).

Asides from this, I’ve managed┬áto stay pretty active by walking Sinbad daily for about an hour every day. I mean, that’s not really an option, I just have to walk him but I’ve really tried not to cut the walk down to anything less than 40 mins. Needless to say, because I haven’t given any sh@ts about what I eat I have gained a whole lot of weight, but I’m not gonna worry about that for a good few months.

And by then, I’ll hopefully be ready to start running again……except I hate running.

L x