Week 23 y’all! In normal people terms, that means I’m almost six months pregnant. EEK. This week the baby started to kick harder…..and it was great/weird. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it really but I am going to be talking about the whole ‘counting kicks’ thing soon – as I had a bit of a scare which gave me pause for thought. But that’s for another time. Because this week my mind has been on that damn Zika virus.

If you want to catch up with all the other pregnancy diary posts, head on over here. If you’re still with me, you rock.

We were supposed to go somewhere hot for a cheeky long haul holiday over the Christmas break, but when we needed to book I was still mid-nausea in my first trimester and genuinely couldn’t imagine ever feeling normal again! So we plumped for Paris , which was absolutely perfect but, of course, I am now desperate for some sun.

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For the past three or four years we have always gone away in January (apart from last year when January was a hellish mix of wedding planning and being skint) so this year we are more keen than ever to jet off somewhere dreamy. As soon as I waddled into my second trimester all the icky symptoms disappeared and I actually have more energy than I’ve ever had before — so the world is my oyster, right?


Because Zika. And malaria. And vaccinations I can’t have.

So where the hell does one travel when one is growing a small human being nowadays? I’ve spent a gazillion Google hours looking into exactly where I can and can’t go and I’m not going to keep it to myself in case one of you is trying to plan a holiday somewhere lovely and hot right now.

I’m not going to list every country and the list isn’t exhaustive. It’s just what I’ve worked out for myself after reading various websites and advice bureau type things. Always consult your own GP before travelling when pregnant, and remember that airline rules all differ too (I need to take a doctors note to tell the airline I’m allowed to get on a plane….pffff).

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Where's safe to travel when you're pregnant? I've been searching for some Zika free winter sun this January so you don't have to!

Central/South America/Caribbean

We didn’t even consider travelling west of the UK to this next of the woods as we couldn’t be bothered to work out which country was free from Zika. It seemed to us to be negligible which country we chose as everywhere we looked at had a ‘small risk.’

Particularly gutting was my planned press trip to Barbados last year which I had to pull out of due to the devil bug.

FYI: it’s worth noting there are places safe to travel in this, admittedly HUGE, area. I just didn’t find one!


For almost everywhere in South East Asia, Zika is endemic. That means it’s always been there, and there is a small risk of contracting it.

Broadly speaking, the type of mosquito carrying Zika can also carry Dengue (not harmful in the same way…..) so if you know a place has had cases of Dengue, you can assume Zika is also knocking about — even if nobody has caught the bug yet. If I weren’t pregnant, I wouldn’t worry about this at all by the way.

So that’s our trip to India, Sri Lanka or Cambodia out then. Sob.

Also worth noting that Singapore is a different case entirely as Zika is an epidemic there.  Gutting as Changi is mu favourite airport in the world and I genuinely love flying there!


Everywhere in Europe is safe. But there’s nowhere with warm enough weather to travel to in January (for me anyway!). The Canary islands are basically Africa, so are a lot warmer than the rest of Europe but still far too cool for my liking.


Well how’s about this. Ignoring Cape Verde, where Zika has epidemic status, almost all of Sub Saharan Africa is safe as houses. No Zika round here, yo!

And Malaria? Well, South Africa is Malaria free to boot. There are places where Malaria is present but you ca easily avoid them (Kruger National Park is almost totally free.)

So, South Africa it is. We are heading off at the end of January, and I’ll be writing plenty about it I’m sure.

Have you been to South Africa? Have you ever been totally overwhelmed with travel planning?! 

L x

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