I know I say it every week, but OMG trying to think back to a snapshot of one week in my pregnancy journey is pretty tricky because in this trimester not a lot is happening on the outside. In a good way! I feel better than ever, not at all nauseous and, aside from the growing belly, can still fit into my non-maternity clothes. Although, I am still wearing maternity leggings and jeans because YES PLEASE lovely, stretchy comfort blanket for my belly.

Anyway, in order to keep going with these diaries — which I love writing as much as I hope you like reading — I need to have a bit more of a structure. I will try to add in what I’ve been wearing each week, any cravings, and any new medical stuff too: albeit no gory stuff.

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Maternity Style

Alternative title: Maternity style & why shops are stupid

One of the annoying things I’ve noticed so far is that my go-to shops, my style saviours as it were, fall short as soon as you enter the maternity section. H&M disappointed me in particular, aside from a kick-ass pair of jeans that is. But seriously, the tops and dresses look like they were designed in the nineties and have come to H&M to die a slow, unstylish death. Total hell.

There appears to be nothing in Zara, Urban Outfitters and Warehouse but happily ASOS has come to my rescue. It’s the only shop I’ve managed to find that has ‘normal’ clothes to fit a growing bulge. I don’t wanna wear a trapeze dress or kaftan for the next 4 months you know?!

Food Cravings

Alternative title: Piss off, I want some cheese and wine

There’s one question I get asked by almost everyone it’s this: “Do you have any cravings?” And I hate to dissapoint you but no, not especially….well, nothing strange anyway. If the first trimester was spent eating an abundance of beige, the second has been categorised by eating man-sized portions of the food I normally like to eat.

The only addition to my normal diet has been apples. Actually, fruit in general. I am fairly healthy day to day, and have always loved vegetables (apart from carrots, urgh) but I rarely ate fruit. Before you think I am a complete freak, it’s just because I never had a sweet tooth. The occasional apple, or grape on the side of cheese. But these days I actively crave fruit. Apples, specifically but basically any fruit.

The other thing I’ve been actively craving is everything I’m not supposed to eat or drink. Which if you’ve ever googled it you’ll know is a long list of things. — mostly my favourite things. It really took me by surprise, and mostly because no one could give me the facts. I wrote about my new found knowledge last week, so I don’t want to rehash it but needless to say this book changed my perspective and has made my life a LOT better.

So, next time you want to challenge me  – be prepared for one cross pregnant lady with a whole load of facts to blind you. Even better, shut up and mind your own business. A good rule for life 😉

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Medical Stuff

Alternative title: Boring Medical Stuff

I’ve started to feel the baby properly move (that happened in week 16 I think) but now I’ve identified the movement I can feel it ALL THE TIME. Mostly in the evenings when I’m about to nod off, but I think that’s because I’ve stopped doing other things at that time and all the other ‘noise’ has quietened down.

If I’m completely honest, I do feel incredibly lucky. My pregnancy has been totally stress free and has gone so smoothly so far. Every checkup I have with my midwife and all of my scans have been totally perfect and I can’t help pinching myself a little at how easy I’ve had it. As someone who has suffered with depression since a teenager, I’m considered vulnerable and because of that have been monitored a little more — but the irony has been that I’ve never felt happier or more calm. Weird, huh? I guess I am a little bit scared of what could happen when the baby’s born…..and all of us should be scared I’ll become addicted to being constantly pregnant 😉 I’m guessing the labour will stop that addiction in it’s tracks.

How has your week been? Tell me your cravings — both pregnancy & otherwise! 

L x

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