Okay, so as I write this I’m already 17 weeks pregnant so forgive me if I miss a few bits out. Week 14 wasn’t hugely different to week 13 but we did get to make the big announcement, which is always nice….whether you like social media or not.

I made a big deal out of not announcing it on Facebook, and chose to upload a post to Instagram instead — y’all know I loves me some Instagram. I felt pretty smug about not announcing it on Facebook to be honest….that’s what everyone does (cue smug smile.)

But, being the social media whore  professional I am, I have a recipe set up on IFTT which automatically posts my Instagrams to Facebook. So…..yep. I’m an idiot. But actually it’s always nice to have lots of people telling you how happy they are for you, so my embarrassment didn’t last for long and soon I was very happy to have posted it on both platforms anyway.

Pregnancy diaries - second trimester 13 week scan Facebook announcement

So what’s new in week 14? Not much. I honestly don’t know if I’ll even have enough fodder to post something weekly, but I guess this is a diary right? So I can write as much, or little as I want.

This week marked an end to making do with normal leggings. Yep, I now have special maternity leggings. My bump still looks more like a food baby than a baby bump so I happily have a TFL badge to shame people into revising that thought and standing up for me. And yes, I may not be massive yet but growing a human is tiring work and I want to sit down please.

Maternity wear is a funny thing. You will grow so much throughout pregnancy, but there’s really no prediction as to how your body will change. So you really have to just react to your changing shape as it happens and make sure you have ASOS Premier. H&M did a cracking pair of jeans, which I love….but besides those, the range is a pile of crap. It’s like they forgot about the rest of the store when they came to creating the maternity range and just plumped for nineties stretchy tops with some random sparkles on. And a lot of ruching. It’s truly gross. Besides ASOS & H&M I haven’t ventured into any other maternity sections…..I think I’ll play it by ear. ALL recommendations welcome though!

I’ve been keeping pretty active, and now all the crappy first trimester symptoms have gone I feel better than ever. And I’m not hugely heavy yet, so I am in a bit of a honeymoon period I think. I’ve mostly been walking, and doing yoga but I think I’ll try to start running again soon. It’ll be interesting taking the dog with me though, as he’s not known for his speed bless him.

Oh, and btw – does anyone know what a pregnant person should be eating? I can’t remember, so I’ve just eaten whatever I want. Surely my body will tell me if I shouldn’t be eating something? I mean, obviously I haven’t been eating slabs of raw meat with mouldy cheese on top but I never did that anyway. And wine? I miss it. I’ve has the occasional glass, but only if I’m with non-judgemental friends because people have some opinions y’all!

I think that’s it from week 14. Have you got any tips?

L x

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Pregnant and want to know what your second trimester will be like? I'm documenting my pregnancy week by week, and here are the diaries fro week 14!

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