IMG_7128.JPGSo now you know our future travel plans, and where we’ll be going. We did have some other bits booked for this summer, but due to work we’ve got to do on our flat, and having to actually earn money(!), we’ve had to cancel our European commitments. I know, it sounds like we’re Bono and we’ve injured our back, but don’t worry…we’re not that self-obsessed!

So, now we’re in rural France and I am wondering what I want to do with my life!! Lucy has plans, and all I have is Football Manager 2013. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a great way to spend the time!

One of the unexpected side effects of our trip is that it has let us question what we want to do, why we want to do it and where. Who knew that actually having time allowed you to think about what you wanted to do?

Obviously, I will be doing my Divemaster in Koh Tao with the guys at Roctopus for 8 weeks or so when we go over to Thailand in January, but I’m trying to find something I can do all around the world, where all I need is me and maybe an internet connection.


Professional barbequetionist

I’ve been bouncing around loads of ideas, and spent a very short amount of time researching various different things I can do.

For those who don’t know me so well, I used to be obsessed with how much I earned, especially compared to those in the same industry as me. I cared about getting ahead of the crowd, and would work very hard, and pretty long hours. It has to be said, that I really loved working at Disney for most of the time I was there. I became a bit of a Disney and Pixar geek, reading up on obscure characters, going to all the free screenings (we had a cinema in our building…nbd). I loved the feeling when I told people that I “Bought Toys for Disney”. Most people had the reaction of “Holy crap-bag that must be an awesome job” followed often by “Do you just play with toys all day?!”. The answer was Yes, and No!

So now I want to do something that I really want to do. I want to have time to spend with my friends and family. I want a job that allows me to help someone out if they need it. To be able to make a doctors appointment before 7pm if I need to.

Someone once said (no idea who!) that “You can either have time, or you can have money. But you can’t have both”. Now obviously if I do find something that gives me all the things above that I now so desperately crave , chances are I will not be paid millions.


Baby-sitting maybe?

So, after roughly 500 words of ramble, I’m not entirely sure that what I want exists, but then again, what’s wrong with asking for it?

There’s still the dream of opening my own brewery at some point. But for now, I really would like something that allowed me time to work on a couple of things at a time to get a bit more experience in various different areas.

IMG_7127.JPGSo, anyone out there got the perfect job or me?!

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