Oh, so you probably don’t remember that I’m supposed to be a travel blogger. Yeah…about that. Sorry you guys, I was grounded in January after my South Africa trip and I haven’t even thought about travelling for what seems like years, but is actually only a couple of months.

Until now.


My beautiful friend Char, or Taylor Hearts Travel sent me her amazing mini-explorer milestone cards when Anaïs was born and since then, I’ve been DYING to bust them out and use one.

As seasoned travellers, our go-to destinations for our first trip with Anaïs went something like this:

Me: “How about India! We could take Anaïs on the train and go back to Pushkar!”

Me ten minutes later: “Erm no, I don’t think that’s the best idea actually.”

We went round the houses for days, weeks…..settling on places, thinking it through then realising it just wouldn’t be so easy with a baby. Barcelona? Hmmmm they eat late, tapas places are tiny and a little awkward with a baby. Myanmar? Yep…..but the roads are crappy so it takes hours to get everywhere. CAMBODIA?! Maybe. Actually….that is still on the list. New York ? No. Trump.

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'Have baby, will travel' right? I'm talking all about my travel plans, plus how I've been getting out and about with my little newborn.

Baby Steps

Fortuitously Anaïs’ godparents have just moved to Switzerland so we are off to visit them in July and we can’t wait! it’s a new country for all of us, we’ll be staying with friends and the flight is short so, in theory, we shouldn’t be too traumatised.

And I’m very lucky to be offered wonderful press trips sometimes too. One of these is to the beautiful Greek island of Karpathos in the Aegean sea. I flipping love Greece, it’s probably my favourite country in Europe and it’s certainly my TOP foodie destination.

I haven’t been to Greece since Athens a few years back, and Kefalonia a few years before that.  But it’s long stayed on my, admittedly ever growing, travel list of place I yearn to revisit. So when I was invited along to try out the stunning, craggy island of Karpathos I jumped at the chance.

I have to admit, I knew sweet FA about the place. Luckily for me, the internet yields rewards for the bored housewife on maternity leave. So I now know I’m off to a rugged island with a thriving kitesurfing scene and great scuba diving to boot. And, more importantly, it will be hella yummy. Because if you know Greece, you’ll know it has the BEST FOOD EVER. Honestly, it’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

Changing Our Travel Style

When I was pregnant, I knew I would feel reticent to travel again once I’d had the baby. I had a feeling my anxiety might rear it’s ugly head and manifest itself by making me think I couldn’t cope with travel. And, unsurprisingly, it did. It reared.

But I fought it and forced myself to do the scary stuff. Stuff which might not sound too scary to you. I went to a cafe on my own when Anaïs was two weeks old, and I breastfed her in public. I got on the tube and went to different parts of London .


All of this is tiny in terms of travel, obviously. But I knew I needed to do the small stuff before I got to the big stuff you know? It’s not as simple as strapping on a sling, or grabbing a buggy and leaving the house. I mean, I live in a flat for a start 😉


So that’s why I partnered with Britax and Ergobaby to show you how easy it is to get out and about when you have the right stuff. I’ve been using the fabulous Britax Affinity travel system, car seat and the Ergobaby 360 Sophie La Girafe carrier since Anaïs was born. I can honestly say I couldn’t have got out of the house without ANY of these incredible products.

L x

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