So, you’ve booked your tickets, planned your itinerary and have started buying cute shorts that will really show off your tan.

Ah toiletries. Okay, so you’ll grab shampoo & conditioner on the way, but your tangle teezer is staying put. Razor, toothbrush, bar of cheap soap, SPF (which you’ll use as your all over moisturiser, right?) and lastly you throw in some cheap-ass face wipes.

GROSS. Don’t be that person, please. Face wipes can be super useful and obvs we’ve all used them (and still do sometimes) but if I am totally honest, I follow the almighty Caroline Hiron’s mantra on face wipes: fannies, flights & festivals ONLY. When it comes to using SPF all over your face and body; stop being like this, your face deserves something that hasn’t been smeared on your bum-cheeks. Sidenote: if you’ve ever forgotten that delicate bit of skin on your bum cheeks, and consequently burnt them to a crisp, you’ll know the importance of keeping them smothered with SPF.

I know that it’s not realistic to carry a whole kitten caboodle of cosmetics in your luggage, but do yourself a favour and take a couple of things that’ll make your life, nay, your FACE, much happier.

I always decant a small amount of oil cleanser (about 75ml) to get rid of pesky eyeliner and mascara. Because, yeah, I wear that when I’m travelling sometimes. Another must have item is a dedicated broad spectrum SPF, just for my face. Something like La Roche Posay Anthelios is peachy. I know that in my toiletry bag, there is a stack of fluff that most of y’all won’t consider to be ‘must haves’,  but I would HIGHLY recommend that you think about adding this little gem into the mix: the Magnitone Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Brush.

Wash your face! Skincare, Beauty.

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This is basically my new fave beauty gadget. I j’adore it! Which is strange as way back when I tried the Clarisonic and honestly, it just didn’t impress me all that much. The Magnitone is super small, with a jazzy little ziplock bag that fits the teeny charger in too.

The theory behind sonic face brushes is that it deep cleanses your skin, whilst being super gentle. I was sceptical, so trialled it with caution for the first few weeks, maybe only getting it out of it’s adorable pouch twice a week. Noticing the frankly, dreamy, skin I had after a few weeks, I ramped it up a notch. That was too much. So, my sweet spot stuck at a happy three times a week max, in the evening, followed by a really yummy moisturiser like Guerlain’s Midnight Secret or Pai’s Rosehip Face Oil.

I absolutely love that it basically guides you through the cleansing process by chirping a wee tone at every stage – T-zone, cheeks and neck…rest of the face (I mix it up!). It feels super soft, and if you just let it do its thing (i.e. don’t try to direct it too much) you will reap the rewards in baby soft skin and in my case, a significant reduction in breakouts (1 or two in a month!).

Magnitone Barefaced Vibra Sonic face brush , Skincare, Beauty

I hadn’t ever heard about Magnitone, but a quick read of their website reveals that they are Londoners and  proud! This, for me, is always a bonus. Love supporting my city.

The reason I am recommending that you pack this product the next time you travel, is because you can get away with using pretty much any face cleanser. Even that one-you-think-might-be-whitening that you picked up from the 7-11 with your toastie sandwich. I have been using it with my balm, oil, gel and cream cleansers (okay I have a few, they do different jobs).

Please note that I was sent the Magnitone by the lovely PR people. As ever, all views are my own. Please also note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links which I earn a meagre commission from! 

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