That Time I Got all Caught up in the Thai Coup in Bangkok!!

That Time I Got all Caught up in the Thai Coup in Bangkok!!

So…we were just chilling out, minding our own business, and then some military hotshot comes in and declares that he’s now in charge of the country. Well, to be fair mate, we all want to play that game don’t we!

The blog is normally about a week behind our real time travels, but this update couldn’t wait!

Seriously though, Lucy and I were just out, meeting up with my friend Nick (he lives in Bangkok). He announced when we met up that there was a curfew tonight at 10pm. We had absolutely no idea of this, it’s a good thing we hadn’t planned a big night out as we may potentially have been in a spot of bother.

Due to the traffic on the streets, we actually flouted the military imposed curfew, and arrived back in the Khao San Road area at around 10.30. To be fair, none of the hundreds of soldiers we drove past seemed to have an issue…maybe they realised that their roadblocks were adding to the issue? Who knows!

Once we got to Khao San, it was pretty quiet, some soldiers with guns and sandbags, and a couple of street vendors (troops gotta eat, right?).
As we wandered home, the city seemed absolutely deserted…no one around, just the odd car zooming home.

Thai coup action from Banghlampu, Bangkok.





Luckily, everything seemed peaceful on the streets, so hopefully it will stay that way!

Back to you in the studio…….


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