5 Blog Posts That I'll Never Write | lucylucraft.com

5 Blog Posts That I’ll Never Write | lucylucraft.com

If you are a blog reader, vlog watcher or just a general participant in social media, chances are you have seen a few blog post , cliches or themes you love, or hate. Maybe they make you click through to the authors website immediately, hungry for more. Maybe you click UNFOLLOW immediately. Basically, what I’m getting at is that you know the score, right? There are certain types of fashionable posts out there, themes and ‘tags’ that it seems everybody writes. Well, I am here to tell you about five that you will never see on WanderLuce, because I will never write them.

  1. What I Eat in a Day

    I don’t care what you eat in a day, not even a little bit. When I read these posts (which I have to actively stop myself from doing)  it just makes me feel disgustingly jealous of the writer’s cooking tekkers, irritated at the implication we should be following suit and, quite frankly, bloody cynical that anyone can eat that little and still have enough energy for a 10k park run.

  2. Hotel Reviews 

    Let’s face it, this hotel review is arbitrary…..it’s how you got to stay there for free, right? No judgement for that (despite how laced with it the previous sentence appeared to be!) but I never read them, they don’t really interest me and I would never write one because of that. Based on that honesty bar, Brody House in Budapest might be an exception……..

  3. My Depression/Bullying/Eating Disorder Story 

    This is a little tricker, because actually I do think it’s a good thing that people talk about all of these topics. Particularly amongst young people, who can be so vulnerable. I have talked pretty openly about my mental health issues, and how I have coped with them on the road so it seems entirely hypocritical that I am putting this theme in my ‘will never write’ list. But it’s a particular type of post….one that feels entirely self indulgent and perhaps not even about what the attention grabbing title appears to be about. I’m not gonna name and shame, but…..you know it when you see it.

  4. My Eat Clean Journey 

    EAT CLEAN……this is hell. Eat in moderation. Mostly clean, and a little dirty. I eat a mainly plant based diet but if I want a burger and a bottle of wine, I will have it and woe betide anyone who tries to stop me. Also, who actually cares what I eat? Even My Fitness Pal crashes on me occasionally, so presumably not even them….

  5. Any Kind of Haul

    I do totally get it, I get the fascination with delving into other people’s shopping. I am guilty of spending hours in a You Tube vortex watching weekly vlogs, and ‘chatty tutorials’ which are basically voyeuristic. But for some reason, hauls don’t interest me. Awkwardly, I have written one, (so I truly am a hypocrite!) but I found it boring to write it, so God help anyone who attempted to read it…..

What are your fave/least fave blog posts? 

L x

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