What Do My Tattoos Mean?

What Do My Tattoos Mean?

Nothing. They don’t mean s@@t.


This is a question I get asked loads, and it never fails to rile me because the implication behind it is that they should mean something other than ‘I like this’. I completely appreciate how it may feel that you should have some depth of semantic meaning behind something you are essentially branding on yourself, and that just adorning yourself with something you find beautiful may seem frivolous or even immature. I guess the reason why this riles me a bit is that actually, yeah, there are meanings behind my tattoos, they just aren’t necessarily what someone asking the inane question may deem as ‘meaningful enough’ as the meanings I attach to them are that I find them beautiful. That is all. End of.

I understand the judgement, and I totally judge people too – I was only discussing a heinous tattoo¬† with a friend (who shall remain nameless) last night – and we both agreed that we hated it and didn’t understand why said person would get something so rank.I also look at certain celeb tattoos and think, god I bet they regret that now…..But you know, I would never surmise that there is a deep meaning behind it, or deign to ask that question.

Obviously I am not at all suggesting that you should never base a tattoo on anything other than aesthetics, it’s completely personal. My friend Penny has 2 stunning tattoos, the designs of which came about kind of organically and are completely unique. I just think we need to re-define our understanding of ‘meaning’ and remember that finding something intrinsically beautiful is enough.¬† I guess what really gets my goat, are those who contrive a meaning so as to answer the question ‘What does it mean?!’….’Errrrm, my first word was anchor?’.

What do you think? Am I being a total douche? Actually, don’t answer that please….

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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