Sunday Reading: Top 5 Blogs

Sunday Reading: Top 5 Blogs

Happy Sunday!

If you’re like me, you’ve started your day with an energetic trip to the kitchen where you have flexed your muscles switching the kettle on and ensuring your toast is suitably browned. You will then have retired to bed for a well earned nap after the mornings exertions.

Once you are in your bed, we may differ in our chosen activities and I am not being crude. Oli likes to watch football, read the news and binge on episodes of Breaking Bad (why can’t I get into that bloody series?!).

I, however, will be found mostly reading blogs, watching vlogs and generally losing hours of my life on Buzzfeed. Oh, and binge watching Scandal on Netflix.

So I guess you could say I’m a blog addict? Yeah you could say that, for sure. If you aren’t a blog addict, here are some reasons why you should be:

  1. Blogs tell it like it is | By their very nature, blogs are a personal space and the narrative will mostly read as such. This makes them an amazing space to enjoy honest, unfettered, opinionated storytelling from people who are just like you.
  2. All hail Google | This means that not declaring explicitly that you have received compensation for writing a post about a product/service is a really big deal. There are lots of other rules as well but be assured that when you read a gushing post about a place that doesn’t have a disclaimer you are reading something true. Clearly, I have to add a disclaimer here myself: there are gazillions of blogs out there, and Google has to crawl a sh@t load of content every day so yeah, you’re gonna come across some…..less ethical ones.
  3. Reading a new blog can change your life | Okay, even for me that was too dramatic. But, you know blogs are often started for dramatic reasons and sometimes these reasons (illness, engagement, redundancy, weight loss, break-ups) will resonate with you and maybe even inspire you to do something different. Maybe you don’t need to do something different at all, but enjoy the escapism of a blog. Either way, blogs can be a life enhancing experience.
  4. Blogs are free! | You can get a wealth of travel advice and guidance and it’s all completely free! Whilst that isn’t great news for the dwindling sales of travel guides who are having to adapt to the current climate, it’s amazing news for you. For me, researching trips will always include a hefty chunk of time spent exploring the blogosphere.
  5. They tell a story | Well, the good ones do anyway! The art of storytelling is what keeps people interested and coming back to a blog over something more fact heavy. Like reading a magazine interview with your favourite celebrity, a blog invites you into the authors world, into their life and their story. You should leave the page wanting to know more about the author and more about what happened next….

So hopefully, I’ve convinced you of the importance of blogs and the extra special qualities they can bring to your life? Have a peruse of some of my favourite blog posts and bloggers out there.

Young Adventuress is what you might call a ‘personality blogger’ and she doesn’t care what you think. That honest, blunt style has made Liz famous in the blogosphere and incredibly successful.

Pea Soup Eats is a beautifully simple blog by the wonderful Ainè Carlin. Ainè focuses on lifestyle pieces and shares her awesome life down in Cornwall, including beauty, vegan recipes and even a bit of style too. I totally reply on her cookbook, Keep it Vegan at the moment and there are stacks of recipes on her blog too.  Forget Deliciously Ella (well not entirely, just a bit), head over to Pea Soup Eats instead.

Alex in Wanderland is a New Yorker on the road and she’s been travelling long term since 2009. I love her blog for the familiar, girl next door vibe and amazing pictures. She can be a little po-faced and sugary for my liking but if you want tips on diving? She’s your girl.

Caroline Hirons is THE skincare guru and I love her. Her vlogs with Ruth from A Model Recommends are my fave and I am often found snorting along.

Into Mind is the only fashion/style blog I ever read. The reason for my overwhelming love for it is the beautifully crafted posts on minimalism and the incredibly practical tools to help you de-clutter.

Love Puffin has an awesome name for one and an even better tagline: Adventure for the Unadventurous.

Curiosity Travels is a travel/ex pat blog written by Jess, an American filled with wanderlust and often found living in different countries. She’s blunt, funny and her pictures are beautiful.

Fleeting Life If you like your travel stories served with a dose of existentialism then Christina is your girl. Her beautiful website will remind you that ‘life is too short to be ordinary’.

Get stuck in:)

L x


Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

Lucy is a freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster based in Brighton, UK.

She started this blog in 2013 and is the host of blogging podcast What She Said.

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