This is a bit of a different post for me today, albeit still on a travelling tip. It’s an actual style post I guess which is massively out of my comfort zone so, you know, be gentle. Honestly though, I’d love you to tell me what you think in the comments….but only if what you think is nice. Jokes.

You may well have looked at the title of this post and scoffed. I get it, who cares what you wear on the plane? It’s  maybe not something you care about at all. I fly a lot, and almost all of my flights are long-haul so I am kinda particular about what I wear. It’s important!

Further to that, I travel with a small 35 litre backpack all the way from Sunny Europe (not hot) to Asia (yes, very hot) so I don’t have the luxury of wearing bulky but comfy joggers as I will have to carry them around on my back for months. Not worth it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it’s all about them layers y’all. No one can predict the temperature on  a plane, it’s hot before the plane starts taxiing and chilly as food when you’re cruising so you need to have easy to remove layers. I think I’m pretty good at crushing it with my plane outfits so I want to share my gift with you.

Yep, they call me the airplane outfit queen and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a career out of it too……okay maybe nobody calls me that but it’s a somewhat useful, if incredibly niche, skill to have.

I’m a big fan of leggings, but they do come with a slight disclaimer — wear a decent pair. I have several from Primark or H&M that are amazingly good value but lose stretch and slide down giving you the irritating task of pulling them up constantly.

I’m not talking about buying anything fancy, although you can of course, just something a bit better quality. I have a fantastic pair from Uniqlo and a super comfy, super durable pair from ASOS. they only cost me £18 (which in leggings terms is extortionate!) but they’re worth every last penny:)

Three Stylish Plane Outfits


Stylish and comfy outfit for the plane. Black tights, high waisted denim shorts and black raglan top.

Casual Chic

  1. Black tights

  2. High waisted denim shorts

  3. Black raglan top

  4. Leopard espadrilles


Stylish and comfy outfit for the plane. Black Raglan top and comfy harem swallow print trousers.

Stylishly chic

  1. Black raglan top

  2. Comfy swallow print trousers

  3. Flip flops/ballet pumps

Stylish and comfy outfit for the plane. Black jersey maxi skirt and crop top plus silk scarf.

Boho cool

  1. Black crop top

  2. Black maxi skirt

  3. Ballet pumps

  4. Silk scarf

L x

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