A PERFECT packing list you say? BIG CLAIMS Lucy. Well, genuinely, I actually think I smashed it on this trip. I wore every single item at least once, and I didn’t have a single tantrum about not having an appropriate outfit to wear. And this was despite the fact that our one week in Jordan was jam packed full of a plethora of activities that required different outfits.

So, how did I do it? SIMPLE, I read this post by C’est Christine and essentially copied her tips. Well, sorta. I honed the list from the mistakes she admits to making, and then did my usual packing ritual. Planned an outfit by day, according to a rough itinerary, and then tweaked, tweaked, and tweaked some more.

Where it slightly went awry was in the toiletries which I almost always get wrong. I frequently pack too much, too little or just take a bonkers mix of products. But that’s fine, as it provide us with some helpful fodder for this post, right? EXACTLY.

These are the things that I relied upon in Jordan, and the style staples you will want to take with you when you go (which you absolutely should).

A Stylish Packing List For Jordan

Stylish girl photographing epic view on Kings Highway jordan



For the evening, and for travel days when we would be in the car for a few hours I wore my swallow print harem style trousers. Note – these are not nappy sack elephant pants…..I wear them with heels back at home, and to work too. They are dreamy, lightweight and they basically go with everything.

I would normally wear them with a crop top in hot countries, but in Jordan I opted for a simple cotton v-neck top tucked in to keep a little bit of a sleeker silhouette. By that I mean so I didn’t look like a sack of potatoes 😉

sporty girl sat on rock after hike view of Wadi Rum desert, Jordan


Jordan is a country which begs you to explore. If that sounds dramatic, then let me tell you this: every place we went to involved activities….we were literally never bored. Not once. So I would recommend taking a load of workout appropriate gear.

I took a few pairs of running leggings, lightweight tops (nothing skimpy), two sports bra’s and trainers. Believe me, you will need them!


Ah this damn shirt goes with EVERYTHING. It’s probably my most worn item, which makes the fact that it’s the only item of clothing that I have to iron particularly galling. I mean, come on — why hasn’t a creaseless shirt been invented yet?

Anyway, this came in super handy on the plane, in the evenings when it was a little bit cooler and in the desert when it got freezing at night! It was also pretty cool with my cute red floral print dress.


My mint blue kimono is fast becoming one of my most versatile items of clothing. It’s great with jeans and a tee, over dresses and, hopefully soon PLEASE, as a cheeky beach cover up over my bikini….to cover up the increasing cellulite that is taking over my ass 😉

Girl taking a picture in Amman, and in maxi dress on beach

Honeymooning couple posing at hotel in dead sea Jordan


AND an alternative pretty midi dress: the one I’m wearing above is a red, floral strappy number from Bangkok’s Chatuchak market with a lightweight knit on top.

This is a no brainer, right? Everyone has one and most people rely on them throughout the summer. I am a huge fan of them in countries, or situations where you need to feel a little more elegant. The BMD (see what I did there?!) comes into its own on a temple visit (I wore it on our day tour of Angkor Wat) and it’s perfect if you are in a more reserved country, like India or the Middle East.

I won’t even go into the toiletries right now, I think that is going to have to be saved for another post quite rankly. But if you want to know about my packing secrets, have a look at my travel packing archives as there are a few gems there.

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