On….Keeping Fit on the Road

On….Keeping Fit on the Road

I’m not what you’d call a gym bunny. Nope, not at all. In fact, I would always describe myself as having a pretty fast metabolism as I’ve never watched what I eat and have stayed pretty much a steady size 10 all my life. I even wrote about it a few times.

On reflection though, I have always been secretly active. I did ballet 3 times a week for years and even picked it up again at uni and I grew up horse riding every week, so although I’m no exercise fanatic, I have a pretty good grounding.

There’s something smug about saying you don’t exercise when you actually do, which is what I was doing.  Gross. I no longer have a need to smugly tell people how I keep my size 10 figure snugly in my size 10 jeans with the 3 inch muffin top hidden from view because I am often found on the beach. In a bikini. Let me tell you, bikini’s are fairly unforgiving of a couch potato body….size 10 or not.

When you’re travelling it’s pretty easy to lose weight as you are often on a budget and sticking to 3 meals a day, lots of water and rarely pigging out on cheese, wine or chocolate. My cuddliness tends to diminish pretty quickly and I’m left feeling a little less uncomfortable in my shorts. On the flip side, i put it all back on when I get back to the UK.

But I’ve never really felt strong or fit, so this year I have changed my lifestyle a bit. Only a bit, because I’m prone to dramatics and I’m often found becoming a vegan willy-nilly only to get bored and become paleo months later. This time I want to make little tweaks that will work whatever country I’m in, that transcend silly fads.

  • Running | I started running by using a friends advice and downloading the iPhone app 5K Runner which takes you from couch to 5k. I’m only 3 weeks in so far but it’s going well and I’m achieving more than I thought I would.
  • Yoga | I tend to get hooked on one type of exercise and only do that for a few weeks only to quickly (and understandably) get bored. Yoga is a perfect companion to running, and I’m hooked on Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.
  • Clean Eating | You know those pumped up douchebags who Instagram protein shakes with the accompanying #cleaneating hashtag? Don’t be that douchebag. I’m not following any ‘diet’ at all. Paleo, alkaline, vegan, fruitarian, they can all jog on as far as I’m concerned. What I’m following is ‘everything in moderation, some things in excess and some things rarely’. Catchy, I know. Basically, if it says fat-free – avoid it. If it’s not organic – avoid it. I mostly steer clear of dairy, meat and fish but if I’m with family or friends or eating out then I’ll have some – it’s no big deal.
  • Body Weight Rules | I am a massive fan of HiiT which for the uninitiated is high intensity interval training which is essentially – work smarter, not harder. It’s truly the easiest way to exercise and you burn more calories than if you slog away on a cross trainer for 45 minutes at the same speed. Try Fitness Blender or Cross Fit if you have a gym nearby.
  • Water | I hate stating that I drink loads of water because obviously, most of you do too and it’s not something to brag about but it truly does make a difference. I used to have soft drinks and lets face it, a serious Diet Coke addiction but as a rule, I only drink water now….and obviously I will NEVER give up tea. Except when I’m in Asia and tea is shit.
  • Sugar is the Devil | It is the absolute devil incarnate and there really is no reason to ingest it. I use agave, date syrup or honey as an alternative and I don’t have sugar in my tea so that’s not an issue at all. For the retards who think that avoiding sugar means banning fruit? Don’t be stupid, it doesn’t. Eat the fruit whole though, don’t juice it.
  • Snacking Right | Now this serves a couple of purposes, avoiding hanger-fuelled arguments and stopping you from grabbing that pack of Double Delight Oreos and eating every last one. I took loads of almonds with me last time and stocked up again in Ubud but fruit is readily available everywhere. I think.

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How do you stay fit on the road? How do you stay fit at home?!

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

Lucy is a freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster based in Brighton, UK.

She started this blog in 2013 and is the host of blogging podcast What She Said.

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