A Guide to Southern Thailand

A Guide to Southern Thailand

This Thailand Review is going to be pretty simple, as we only spent time in two places; Bangkok and Koh Tao! After the tiring fortnight we spent in Myanmar, we were in need of a bit of relaxation, and a lack of travel days. We hadn’t planned to just go to these two places, we initially were going to “island hop” around the Gulf islands.

However, after I caught the scuba diving bug, we stayed on Koh Tao for longer than we anticipated, and because we were there, we discovered even more fun stuff. Overall, we stayed on Koh Tao for 2 weeks, and in Bangkok for about a week (in-between all of the trips). Here’s our review of what we thought.


Best meal:

Oli: Koh Tao has some epic food, a lot of it is very cheap as well. However, Porto Bello, where we went on our last night was delicious. It’s Italian food, but I don’t care if you judge me.



Lucy: Amazing Goats Cheese Salad at Porto Bello…mmmmmmmmm. And two fat glasses of wine!

Worst meal:
Oli: Can’t really remember to be honest. Koh Tao has good food, better than most other places in Thailand I’ve been, so I’m opting out.
Lucy: Thai Food

Best place:
Oli: Koh Tao, obviously!!
Lucy: Koh Tao

Worst place:
Doesn’t really count for this review, as we liked both the places we went!

What we wished we’d known at the start:
Oli: That I would have loved diving so much! It would probably have influenced our plans for the trip.

Lucy: Nothing – been to Thailand so many times now it’s #likemysecondhome…..CRINGE

Best experience:
Oli: Need you ask? It was diving obviously!

Lucy: Snorkeling off Ao Leuk Bay…we saw some ACTUAL baby sharks. Gutted we didn’t have a Go Pro handy to film them as they are sooooo cute and scary at the same time. Paradox!


Worst experience:
Oli: Probably the high-speed Catamaran back from Koh Tao to Chumpon. It was really choppy!

Lucy: The boat on the way back from Koh Tao. The waves, the horrendous soundtrack of bubblegum pop videos…..it was all too much.

Books read:
Oli: A John Grisham, and one other that was obviously memorable!

Lucy: This Charming Man & The Mystery of Mercy Close – Marian Keyes.

Lost along the way:
Oli: Nothing as far as I am aware

Lucy: One more bikini!


Gained along the way:
Oli: Qualifications, a new passion (hopefully), and an actual suntan!

Lucy: A bikini (obviously). Snorkel & Mask. “Surprise” birthday present.

Most useless thing in my backpack:
Oli: Clothes I bought for cooler weather for earlier in our trip. And all the ATM receipts I’ve kept for the last 6 months!

Lucy: Clothes. We were on an island for 2 weeks…so we were basically naked.

If you come to Koh Tao you must try:
I mean, there’s the obvious. The reason Koh Tao is actually a tourist destination. But we think you should get out on a bike (we rented from Oli’s Bikes) and tour the island. It’s gorgeous, and some of the quieter beaches and bays are beautiful.

Remember – wear a helmet. Don’t be a cool kid. There is no hospital on the island, so if anything bad happens, it’ll take you several hours to receive medical help. By which point, you’ll be pretty badly off. And in A LOT of pain!


What we spent:
As always, our budget was £40 a day, which is $64.
We spent £37 ($61), which is more than we would normally spend. However, a Thai island is more expensive than the mainland.

Still under budget!

Useful links:
Fit for travel
Roctopus Dive

In Summation
We love Thailand. We love Koh Tao. And we’re going back. Need we say more?

Oli and Lucy x

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